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joeden8/16/16 9:16pm
Specter wasn't completely sure if he wanted to go in, but he was... He felt bad for James when he saw him covered in bandages and out cold.

When James' uncle left the room he was already wanting to leave and rolled his eyes as his uncle left him there. He understood why he left but, really to roll him in and leave him??? He was about to leave feeling uncomfortable.

But before he went to leave he noticed the scratches on his arm and curiosity won, as he leaned into look at the scars he noticed James waking up and begin to move. Sitting back he put his hand out and texted, "Easy, easy, easy." Specter then sat back and said, "I heard what happened on the news and saw the letter you were writing. Your uncle sent it to me and I have to apologize for my actions yesterday, I didn't know what was happening." Specter leaned back in his chair feeling bad about his own actions and texted, "Who did this to you?"

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ejshonk8/17/16 11:38am
James didn't listen to him really as he tried to get up still, but only just went back down, feeling useless at the moment. He heard what he was aging and didn't look at him, until he asked what has happened. He looked over to him out of the corner of his eye, he saw his own arm exposed, showing the scars. Immediately he whipped his arm to his chest, trying to hide it, but can't. He looked over to him, shocked that he has ween one of his darkest secrets, the scars. He then just looked away from him, looking up t the ceiling.

"My brother...and a friend of his did all of this to me..." he said and looks at his arm. "My brother gave me these 4 years ago..." he then looked over to Specter. "You can't tell the police that it was my brother... In fact, just don't go to the police at all..." he said. He growled to himself, starting to try to get up, trying to sit up. "AGGGH....We need... to get out of here" he said, trying to sit up, his breathing heavy already just from trying. He managed at least to prop himself on his right elbow, but was panting even from that.

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joeden8/17/16 12:50pm
Specter was shocked at James' response, not contact the police??? Not tell anyone about this? They, needed to leave? Why?

Specter getting a hold of himself managed to text, "what? Why do we need to leave? You're hurt you and we're in a hospital why don't you want me to go to the police? What's gotten into you?"

Specter was shocked and starting to get a little nervous and scared at James' behavior.

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ejshonk8/17/16 4:18pm
James tried hard to get up, but yelped in pain and fullback down to the bed. He looked over to him a bit of tears in his eyes because of the pain. He wiped them away and sighed. "Listen to me very closely... and do not panic..." he said and started speaking even softer. "My brother and a friend attacked me last night...because of you..." he said. "They know about you...and apparently they have known you for a long time... Apparently they are part of a group that is trying to bring Nightmares to Arduruna...and they need you for something, I don't know what...but when they saw me talking to you, my brother took it as an opportunity to attack and kill he always wanted..." he said and then stared at Specter hard. "I wasn't supposed to live after that fall... If I go to the police and tell them this, they will think I'm crazy..." he said and tried one more small attempt to get up, but the pain was to much. "Damnit! I need to protect you and I can't do a goddamn while I'm like this!" he growled and looked over to him. "I... I'm sorry, Specter..."

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joeden8/19/16 9:06pm
(Cool if you're waiting for me to reply with Katie i already did right after your stalker post.)

Specter's Jaw dropped at what James said, but when he said Nightmare, Specter got a little skeptical. He then texted, "Nightmares? Are you sure you didn't hit your head a little too hard they don't exist." Specter still had a horrible feeling that he was in danger, but Nightmares? Really? They were fairytales and everyone knew it, it wasn't possible for those things to exist. He texted, "Are you sure you don't want to tell the police about what happened when it comes back to you?"

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ejshonk8/19/16 9:22pm
James shook his head. "I don't know...I don't believe in Nightmares either..." he said "But...something in my brother's eyes, made me believe him..." He looked over to Specter and whimpered a bit. "Either way, they are after you, your mind, your intelligence..." James looked back up at the ceiling and lifted up his arm that was fine. "The nurse said it will be months before I'm back on my feet...I'm giving myself one month. That's all I need, the meantime, I need you to watch your back. Get someone to help if you need to..." he said and smiled over to him, whispering. "Practice your power as well...I know you have one, I saw that you took the book off the shelf the other day. I just want to make sure that you'll be okay until I am back on my feet so I can help you out, and we can get to the bottom of this."

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joeden8/21/16 11:13am
Specter was now more concerned and was pressing a command on his text pad repeatedly, and proceeded to text, "I won't let my bodyguard leave my side." As he finished the ground started to shake as noise rose from outside people protesting as the door opened Specter's robot came in saying, "Master what do you wish?" Specter then texted, "You will not leave my side at all, as there is a gang out to get me. I want you with me at all times and keep me protected." The Robot replied, "Affirmative master. I will make your attackers into a thin red paste."

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ejshonk8/21/16 6:57pm
James saw him put a command on his keyboard and then heard rumbling as he spoke. He then was shocked to see the 7 foot tall robot come forward into the room. A bit intimidate, he looked over to Specter, " have been busy..." he said. He looked closely at the robot, still in complete shock. "You realize you're just going to bring more attention to yourself, right?" he asked. "Sure, he'll protect you...but that means people will know your secret, about how smart you really are..." he said. "And I wouldn't be surprised by the people who will want to deactivate this thing for good."

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joeden8/21/16 8:09pm
Specter lowered his head before texting, "I'm not going back to school ever again." He then looked back up, and texted, "Tulsan has already told everyone by now it doesn't matter everyone already knows by now i can't go back."

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ejshonk8/23/16 8:09pm
James looked at him and sighed. "I don't think he's the type to go around and talk to people about how smart you are...but now that you've been walking around with this...thing, i think it's hard to hide it now..." he said. "It's not like you need school anyway, you're smart enough as it is..." he said and smiled at him. "Just wait for me...just for a little bit, okay? Hang on until I can get back on my feet. We'll get to the bottom of this and we'll find out what is really going on."

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joeden8/23/16 8:23pm
Specter looked at James skeptically before texting, "how should I have known that I don't talk to anyone and I ignore everyone, how am I supposed to know that?" He then looked down and texted, "I'm going home now, glad you're okay." As Specter finished the Robot began pushing him out of the room and hospital on his way home.

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finlo8/30/16 10:03am
finlo in his hut location at the beach is doing his research of this magic gem stone. "crystal is stable time to add heat potion" he adds a drop of the substances in bottle and then heats up. then sees the man walking by...
2 5 1 1 6 3 3 6 2 2 6 1 1 5 1 4 5 5 2 3 5 2 6 3 4 4 3 3 2 4 2 4 3 3 5 3 6 2 2 2 4 1 2 5 6 2 2 4 1 4
Total: 163

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finlo8/30/16 10:34am
*continues experiment and later creates a potion*
you rolled a 6
6 4 1
Total: 11

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coolbreeze881/26/17 4:30pm
((alright time to tie up some loose ends for the new year))

Tulsan made his way back home in the country outskirts just outside the city, he felt somewhat embarrassed at oogling the mysterious woman for longer than was neccecary, he the address, she can wait.

Tulsan sat down at the nearest couch in the common room of his parents villa and began with a sigh, contemplating about what he saw in those papers.

'its only a matter of time before the feds will want to draft him as the head of Research and when that happens, when all those papers of his becomes blueprints. the lives of us power users will be from then on hell on earth.

but what else can I do.... I cant just.... take him out....can I?! no.... no that will make ME the monster. but..... what other choice do I have?'

the mere thought of the dilemma caused him to pace around the room with anxious haste, before finally stopping stopping at the mirror.

'but if I let him live....they'll find him..they almost always find who there looking for....and I cant just destroy his papers because that stuff is still in his head...and they have ways of making people say and do things they wouldn't otherwise do'

Tulsan clasped his head with his hands

"WHY ME!! Medius why does it have to be me!!!" he exclaimed, lucky no was at home to hear his plea.

(( sense this forum has been dead for a while. its safe to say its the end of at least this thread/chapter))

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ejshonk1/27/17 8:38pm
((Sorry Cool, because of life problems, I had to stay quiet for a while, but I'm back, so we can continue, starting with a couple weeks time skip.))

James was final out of the hospital, but still was banged up a bit. His arm still in a sling, and underneath his long sleeved shirt, there were still bandages around his chest. And while he was walking fine now, if he was walking too much, he would start to limp a bit.

The police investigation on the attempted murder of James came up with nothing, mostly because of James saying he doesn't remember what happened, when he actually knew every single detail. What was going on was much bigger than the police, and much bigger than what they planned for.

James walked along the streets, his normal long sleeved shirt and his jeans, but he also had a beanie on his head, covering his ears. Really, he was mostly just covering the large cotton balls in his ears, to hide further embarrassment. His earplugs were no where to be found, and his uncle ordered new ones, but they are on back order, so he had to improvise. The cotton balls didn't really help at all, mostly just making his ears itch, and he also could still hear a lot of things around him. Basic talking still sometimes hurt, but a little paid is better than too much pain...

Walking down the street, he came across Specter's house, looking behind his shoulders to see who might be watching him...if there was anyone who was. He had his backpack slung over his good arm, and it seemed stuffed with something, more than likely books from the library. He sighed softly, and knocked at the door, hoping someone would answer.

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