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joeden8/10/16 10:55am
Specter heard a part of the conversation between James and Tulsan and turned to see The hole in his bag and the papers on the floor. He looked up to see James holding the sheet of his paper in front of Tulsan and the papers stuffed mostly into Tulsan's satchel. Ollow grabbed what sheets were in front of him and removed his bag from the back of his wheelchair placing it on his lap. He then rolled over to James and Tulsan snatching the paper from James texting, "I thought you wouldn't tell anyone and you're helping him stuff my notes in his satchel?" Specter then grabbed the notes from the top of Tulsans satchel before rolling off for home.

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ejshonk8/12/16 9:33am
((Well, I'm posting now, getting a move on things. Obviously the three separated for the night, so here's a bit of action to spice things up, get the ball rolling.))

James was waiting for an answer, but then looked over to see Specter take papers out from him and form the satchel. “Specter, no, I wasn’t - “ he said, but he stopped himself. As Specter was leaving, he knew that he wasn’t going to get to him. He looked over at Tulsan and hissed a bit. “Get out of here,” he said, turning around and going back to work, ignoring Tulsan if he tried to call out to him.

That night, after the work, he was in his attic, at his little desk, working on some stuff for school. His mind was still on Specter though, he just wanted to make amends with him, so he put his work aside, and started writing on a piece of paper, a letter to Specter. However, he had only written a few lines down when he then heard something. Turning around to the window right next to his bed, he saw nothing, but knew something was coming. He walked to it, when suddenly an arm wrapped around his throat from behind.

“You know, for someone who has hyper hearing, you sure don’t seem to use it much.”

After being pushed away, James gasped as he looked back to see his older brother standing there. The tall cat was just staring at him with golden eyes, a smirk on his face.


“Hello, little brother...long time no see.”

James stood up. “What...what are you doing here? How did you get in here?”

Jason chuckled, stepping forward a bit. “You have been talking to a target of mine...someone we need for the future of Arduruna...and once we figured out you have been talking to him, I had to jump at the opportunity to visit you again…”

James hissed a bit. “What are you talking about? What target? What do you mean when you say ‘WE need?’”

Jason smirked softly, “Listen carefully brother. As much as I want this chat to go on longer, I’ve got better things to do, so do as I say, and you won’t get hurt...What do you know of the boy in the wheelchair, Specter?”

James’ eyes went wide when he heard he was after Specter’s name. He hissed at him and stood up. “I know nothing...why the hell are you after him?”

Jason smirked and walked up to his brother, before a halo formed above his head, and Jason’s claws extended, going right to James’ throat and around his head, stopping as soon as it touched his skin. James stood there in fear as Jason talked to him. “It’s not like you’re going to live through this, so I might as well tell you… We need Specter… his superior mind will help us with our little plan to help bring Nightmare’s to Arduruna…”

James hissed at him as a halo formed around his own head. He moved his hands together and clapped once, loudly, and pushed forward, using the force of the soundwaves to shove Jason back. “You leave him out of this…”

Jason chuckled. “ brother knows how to use his power? That’s sweet.” he said and then stood up. “But once again, your instincts have failed you. Such sensitive and powerful hearing, and yet you still can’t pick up that I’m not alone in here.”

As soon as he said that, James felt a large hand grip the back of his head from the shadows. Pulling him back, he threw him to the ground, ripping out his earplugs in the provess by grabbing the string that connected them together. Immediately, just the sound of creaking floorboards under him caused James to whimper in pain. He saw the thing that grabbed him, a large male lion, looking down at him, and did an ear shattering roar in his face.

James covered his ears, instantly screaming in agonizing pain as the roar rang in his ears, already blood trickling from both ears. Shivering in fear, the lion then grabbed James by the back of the neck and threw him out the window, shattering the class as James rolled onto the roof, sliding down as he rolled onto broken glass and had those shards cut him up, before rolling to the ledge and grabbing with both hands, trying to pull himself up. Soon though, Jason walked onto the roof, and smiled.

“Goodbye, little brother.”

Jason then stomped on James’ face, forcing James to let go. Screaming as he went down this tall building, James flailed around as his body soon hit the railing of a balcony arm first, hearing a slight crack or two before falling down further. Eyes glowing now, he screamed, a halo above his head, as the scream pushed soundwaves down hard, causing his speed to drop from falling, and landed on a covered caravan, not moving.

Jason was about to head down to check to see if his brother was really did, but then heard sirens in the distance. “Damn...Let’s go” he said, looking to the lion as they jumped to another roof and heading away.

The next morning, the story was on the news. “Local boy in horrible condition after fall from the top of a building,” but they wouldn’t release a name. At school though, people found out who pretty quickly. Rumors had spread around. Rumors of trying to commit suicide were going around, and some rumors that he had been pushed, no one knew. Others were slightly worried, while most were not caring. James kept to himself a lot, no one knew what he was like.

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joeden8/12/16 12:28pm
Specter made his way home, rolling up his ramp he entered his home to the noise of his brothers fooling around as his mom was yelling at them. Specter quickly made his way to his room as quickly as he could locking the door behind him. He rolled up to his desk placing his face in his hands beginning to weep silently. After an hour of silently crying, he pulled out his sheets noticing he got the ones he needed for his robot, smiling he grabbed a lever and pulled it which lowered a table with a robot on it. He adorned his safety gear and began working into the Night before he was told to stop.

As morning came Specter woke and had breakfast with his family before returning to his room ignoring the concerns from his family. He simply refused to go to school as he opened his Data scroll to put on the news as he continued to finish his robot.

Specter planned to work on his exoskeleton, next until he heard what happened and it left him in shock, it didn't take him long to figure out who was hurt. However he didn't know how to feel he was still angry at James and a part of him said, good while the rest was concerned. He then continued to work as he was home alone. placing the last water into place he turned on the Robot that began working and said, "Hello master how may i be of service to you?" Specter was overjoyed as he texted, "Start with a System test get me a glass of water." The Robot stood, standing at 7ft with a bulky build and said, "Affirmative master." Specter then watched as his Robot began to function properly.

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ejshonk8/12/16 2:53pm
As Specter was working on the robot, he might have heard a knock on the front door of his house. It seemed liked he went away, but soon a knock came to Specter's door, his mother. "Dear, someone wanted to drop this letter off to you."

She slid the letter under the door, knowing he still wanted to be left alone. Once he opened the envelope, there would be two papers inside. One said:

"Dear Specter. I got the information of your address off of your library registration card. My nephew James was my own home. I don't k ow who did it, but it seemed like he was writing a letter to you before he was attacked. Please, if you have e any information, let the police know. I just want my little nephew to be okay. Signed, Charles Quincy, Head of the Library."

The second letter read.

"Specter. This has just been a big misunderstanding. I hope you believe me, but the man was trying to steal them, and I demanded him to give them back to me. I'm sorry for this happening, and hopefully I can see you around scho-"

That was all that was on the paper, but a few splatter dots of blood was on the bottom of the paper.

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joeden8/13/16 9:02pm
(Since cool isn't on and its been 2 days since he's been on.)

Specter read both letters that were sent to him and felt bad for his behavior yesterday as his robot returned with his glass of water. giving the glass of water to Specter, Specter texted, "We need to go to the library, please push me there." The Robot then grabbed the back handles on Specter's chair and began pushing him out the front door. Fifteen minutes later they left the house and were on their way to the library.

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ejshonk8/13/16 9:22pm
As he got to the library, he would notice that it was closed and under investigation of what happened. There was just a few police officers outside, talking to someone, and then another one guarding the tapped off caravan that James had fallen in to. There was just a bit of tension in the air, before a man walked over to Specter. "You must be Specter! Thank you for coming, I - " the man then realized who was pushing him, the giant robot. "Oh um...oh my..." he stepped back a bit, the old raccoon shaking his head. "My name is Charles Quincy...thank you for coming...How do you know my son? Was everything alright with him when you last saw him? Was he depressed or angry? Do you think he would try to take his own life?" he asked quickly but then stopped himself. He took a deep breath and sighed, taking off his glasses and wiping a tear from his eye. "Sorry I just...James hasn't woken up yet, still in the hospital...They say he's going to be okay, but I won't accept that until he is awake..."

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coolbreeze888/14/16 2:23pm
((back. sorry about that. one of my family members isint feeling too good so I have to sped most of the day taking care of her.))

Tulsan spent most of the night writing his book report. as day broke the next day. he woke up with a searing headache... that's usually why happens when you don't take enough liquids.

"AUGHHH... why does school have to be this demanding" he groaned to himself as he made his way downstairs towards the living room kitchen area.

his parent were both off trading their goods as usual... he was old enough to take care of himself in this rather large house, but still his parents continued absence made him feel like he was abandoned and alone.

the only time their around to see him is on weekends and he treasues those 2 days of everyweek and spends every waking second with his parents when their around.

his father and mother both give him the same excuse everytime he wondered why they are gone so often "honey... money doesent grow on trees you know. part of being a professional merchant is to find new clients... and sometimes that's very far away..but don't worry.. when your old enough you can come with us."

phh yeah, as if Tulsan wants to follow in their footsteps as a stuffy commodities broker with barely any freetime and contantly tempering your words to appease as many future and current clients as you can.... all in all theres a cost of your own individuality to it all and it runs completely counter to all of tulsans values of not letting other people tell him how he should run his life.

he made his way to the kitchen to make a simple breakfast and ate it quick as he slept in a little, took a quick shower, grabbed his things, and headed for school.

surprisingly. he actually got an A on his book report...I guess hard work really does pay of as this was the first A he ever got in my entire school life.

but soon after getting his grade from the enlgish teacher, Ms. Green, he began to notice her and the rest the classmates had a downtrodden look on their faces, all of them looking down at their desks his eiree silence.

"Why is everyone so down in the dumps"

tears began to well up in her eyes when Tulsan asked that piercing question.

"Specter gave me a note saying that James might have tried to kill himself... the doctors say he's in critical condition"

tulans drew himself back from the desk in shock... He talked to that guy before, he was somewhat the quiet type...did it have to do with something that happened back at the library...did him finding our specters secrets somehow push him over the edge..

the guilt gripped tulsans heart but he tried to keep it hidden as he didn't want people to suspect he had a roll in this.

not that he was a coward for not wanting to be honest but because it would possibly draw unnecessary attention to him by the authorities.

those same authorites that will find out he's a power user, slap a power suppression collar on him and bye bye the only power he has in life.

merely made his way to his assigned desk and will plan to remain quiet for the rest of the school day. writing todays events in his personal journal he keeps in his locker.

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joeden8/14/16 2:25pm
(Cool Specter sent no letter thank you he's also disconnect from school because he's bored as hell and just wants to leave as soon as he can. He has no friends nor does he talk with the teachers. School for Specter is a torment of solid bordem.)

Specter scratched his head before texting, "I have no idea who would have done this. I only met him yesterday and he just helped me get a book before I left and then I just spent the rest of my day working on finishing him." Specter then nodded to the robot behind him that stayed stationary holding his master's chair.

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ejshonk8/14/16 3:09pm
((Yes, it was James' uncle, Charles, who gave Specter a letter, delivering him the letter at his doorstep, and now they are at the library, right outside of it where the investigation is taking place.))

The tall raccoon sighed. "Oh...well, I just thought you might have known him or something..." he said. A police officer came up to the two of them right after that. "I have been told James finally woke up, but he's not talking to anyone...But he's awake, and we need to question him... Let's go down to the hospital, see if you can try to get him to talk" he said to Charles, and walking off. Charles looked absolutely relieved as he looked over to him. "Well...I don't know why he was writing to you, but you should definitely talk to him...You're involved with this somehow, so we need to figure this out." he said. "Would you like me to take you there? I don't think the hospital is um...robot compatible" he said.

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joeden8/14/16 4:34pm
(Robots are not common in the dreamworld Specter actually has the first and only of it's kind.I'll also have the new char's reff up in a few.)

Specter sighed as he texted, "Fine. Alfred." The robot came to attention and said, "Yes master?" Specter began to text again, "When we reach the hospital and wait outside for me." the Robot replied, "Affirmative." Specter then looked at Charles and typed, "I'm ready when you are."

Katie stepped off the teleporter and walked out into the district keeping an eye on people near her. She needed out of her old place after what happened. She was a six foot Kitsune with Red and gold fur she had long blue hair with red highlights. She had three tails and wore a Kimono. She wanted to see her friend and make sure he was okay as she knew how fragile he was. She pulled her luggage as she headed towards her destination.

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ejshonk8/16/16 7:07am
Charles looked over to Specter as he conversed with his robot. He was...well, very uneasy about this. He has never seen a robot...maybe this kid was rich? Maybe the family hired someone to help create this so he could go about. He sighed, "Alright come with me..." He then started to walk around the corner. Luckily, the place was only 10 block from there. Charles walked a bit quickly, wanting to see his nephew, make sure he was alright. The police were a bit behind, finishing up the library and gathering evidence.

People would stare at the robot, of course. They didn't ask, but they really felt like they couldn' was threatening to see something like that. They walked by, but for someone who doesn't like a lot of attention, he was getting quite a bit of it. Once they got to the hospital, and the Robot waited outside, Charles rolled Specter in, talking to the receptionist to ask where James was located. Once he found out, he was told to be in the waiting room while they let him know they were here.

Charles sat down, his leg moving up and down nervously, just wanting to see James. He just wanted to see if his nephew was alright.

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joeden8/16/16 1:02pm
Specter kind of felt silly having brought the robot people stared at him all the way to the hospital. As they got there he waited to be rolled into the room to see James, as his mind ran over things that could have happened.

Katie arrived at the house she was given to stay at by the help group she was given, the house was small and only had two rooms a washroom and the main room with a small kitchen in the corner, there was a bed and few cabinets. a thick layer of dust covered everything in the room the window the mirror and the washroom. Katie's first thought was, "What a dump... Oh well, I can work with it. Seeing the window in the corner, she closed the curtains and with a few waves of her arms her powers of a Kitsune kicked in cleaning away the dust, dirt, and grime. She began to active her actual power which allowed her to get the place properly cleaned up and looking like a proper Japanese home, before saying, "Picture perfect." She then went to one of the reformed cabinets and began unpacking her cloths.

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coolbreeze888/16/16 4:46pm
Tulsan as per usual. limped through yet another dull and boring day of school. the principal made him attend school on weekends just so he could catch up.

he wishes he could just graduate already just above the GPA red line, but as per usual, he had to put with the same old stupid clics and social posturing.

why cant people just be content with being themselves, why do they all feel like the need something to prove.

maybe its simply a distraction from the fact that a vast majority of them will never hold any real power over their lives.

the road home was muddy and pothole ridden as usual.. in fact, some of these roads and trails look like they've simply been abandoned for decades.

but do they ever want to get any decent job done Tulsan they make sure were not stepping around in mud and filth .noooo... instead they have to preach so called "social harmony", "sharing culture" and other bullshit busswords that fill people with false hope that with enough "hard work", we can be rich and powerfull too.

hugh what load of bull.

Tulsan wished he didn't have to deal with these harsh truths alone. if ony there was someone that, unlike his parent, would always be there for him, no matter what, someone to care for.

someone to keep him sane.

as he made his way past the telepad station and that is when, with a flash of light above the platform, what he saw made his heart seem to explode outwards and Tulsas eyes dialated in disbelief.

what it managed to teleport in was a beautiful vixen with....3 tails...6 feet tall and almost near silky smooth golden and reddish fur and perfect slim build.

Tulsan then noticed he began to heat up with his increased blood flow causing a noticeable dampness in his fur from the sweat.

Tulsan of course practicing some self control, calmed himself down enough to at least think rationally.

'wow.....she is a goddess...' the frustrated virgin of a coyote thought 'shes right there do I go about this'

Tulsan knew he not in the most presentable of appearance, he could have at least put on some chologne so he didn't smeel like dirt and sweat from another day at the indoctrination sweatshop and the long walk home.

before Tulsan could think up something to say to her she began to walk away..

'oh shit oh shit' he thought to himself over and over again as he feared not being able to find such a beautiful maiden ever again in his entire life.

he didn't want to lose her... he needed to follow her.

at first Tulsan thought that she would never bother to go out with him if she knew he was following her.

the coyote facepalmed at forgetting temporarily that he could turn invisible.

with a small swish Tulsan was no were to be seen by anyone but him. to an outside obsever which he made sure there were none, one would Tulsan almost seem to dissolve in air.

thus, he began to follow closely behind her. maintaining his concentration on staying invisible is going to be difficult this time around. but he has to at least know were she lives.

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joeden8/16/16 5:35pm
Katie checked for any late details on the house before going outside to check the surroundings, She felt someone was nearby but saw no one. Thankfully her natural powers required no halo so she started to trace her finger along the doorframe creating invisible sigils that glowed before fading and proceeded to do the same on the outside windows. Going back to the front of the house she looked at the front garden and said, "the garden can wait but i should be able to get some work done with it in no time."

However, she felt a disturbing presence and proceeded to go inside still having that feeling someone was there. She entered her place and stayed inside locking the door behind her, hoping the presence would disappear.

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ejshonk8/16/16 8:23pm
A nurse came out to Charles and Specter. "He fell back asleep...but you can come in and visit him if you wish..."

Even if Specter decided not to go in, he didn't have a choice in the matter. Charles went to his wheelchair and pushed him in with him. Maybe it was the fact that he didn't want to see James like this alone? Who knows. They were lead to the room and entered. He was the only one in there, in the bed. Charles instantly teared up at what he saw.

James was laying in bed, his left arm in a sling and bandaged up. There were a few wraps around his chest and a large bandage on his side. His right leg was propped up and splinted, bandaged up so it wouldn't move. He had small scrapes on his face but nothing that wouldn't heal. His ears though and the top of his head were bandaged up, obviously to help his ears. Also, the tip of his ears were out of the bandage, and he could see that the tip of his left ear was sliced a bit, almost making it look like he had two tips.

Charles stopped and stepped back a bit. "I...I need air.." he said and started to walk out of the room. He'll come back, he just wasn't prepared like he thought he was.

Jame's torso wasn't clothed, of course because of the bandages and wraps. If Specter came closer to him, he would see something peculiar, the reason why he wore long sleeves. On his forearms were scars from long scratches, not made by him though. It looked like the wound never healed right...

Once Specter was closer, he could see James move a bit and open his eyes, looking over to Specter and was genuinely shocked to see him. "Specter... you're here - AGH!" he said as he tried to sit up but the pain was too much at the moment.

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