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joeden8/6/16 11:32am
Specter continued to text, "It was a simple fix just needed a few new wires and done." As for James' second question Specter rubbed the back of his neck before texting, "I was born this way the Doctors say it's a side effect of my power; whatever that may be. It made me mute and gave me fragile bones so I can't walk for long periods of time."

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ejshonk8/6/16 1:04pm
James looked at him closely, hearing what he said about the side effect. He then opened his mouth to say something, but he stopped himself. He then whispered quietly about the power, knowing powers we against the rules. "I'm sorry to hear seems like you are living life to the fullest though,even with all of the struggles..." he then looked down at what he was working on. "I um...I have to go, I need help my uncle." Obviously a lie, he stood up and started to gather his things. He was hiding something, just not wanting to talk about it.

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coolbreeze888/6/16 8:35pm
((on second thought. I might take this cliché high school setting and turn it into something interesting, oh im a poet and I didn't know it, besides, every goes to high school this could really help flesh out my character))

Tulan Pravada, age 18 and currently in his senior year, tended to keep mostly to himself, but not entirely quiet when he gets the opputunity to talk to the school guidance councilor.

his attire was somewhat unconvential compared to his peers. he wore that beige trench coat his dad gave for his 16th birthday and is a somewhat lighter color than that of his fur and is almost never seen without it.

most of classmates formed an entire mythology of rumors surrounding why he always keeps his coat on...lets just say it could be anything he could be hiding.

under that he wore a plan grey sport T-shirt and black cargo pants.

Tulsan then procceded to open his locker to get the neccecary reading material for the next wave of indoctrination as he perceived it. also in his locker along with the school textbook material was various wrighting by both extreme left wing and right wing persons and their philosophies as well an anarchy symbol drawn in the back of the locker in black sharpie marker along with a picture of a long dead enemy of the state arrested and sentenced to death for treason.

he keeps all this stuff well hidden, especially his cigarrates.

he grabbed all he could, including his smokes when things got too stressfull, and headed for the local library as part of reading assignment given to him by his English teacher... out of all the teachers. it was the only teacher is actually liked and seemed to understand him.

after a sizably long walk, and giving a few buck to a few local beggars down on their luck, he finnaly made it too the library.

up the steps an through the main doors he went. when he made it inside he began searching for assigned book, he was getting rather frustrated navigating the library for that one pesky book.

"please tell me they aren't out of copies. damn it...FUCKING BOOKS!!!"

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joeden8/6/16 8:53pm
Specter's heart jumped as he heard the new arrival and instantly knew who he was from the rumours Tulan. Another classmate, he needed to hide his work his intellect, grabbing papers he started to put them in his binder as neatly as his adrenaline pumped body could. He placed his work in his bag and slapped the books on his knees. He needed to hide, to get rid of the books, he decided to toss them back on to the table and began rolling towards an isle with books kids his age would enjoy, whatever that was.

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ejshonk8/6/16 9:05pm
James was about to go when he flinched a bit, ears drawing back a bit when he heard someone yell in the library, the sound echoing in the walls. He sighed, straighter himself out, and while Specter got his stuff and rolled away, he calmly went over to Tulan. He has seen him in school, but never really cared to come to him in the hallways. He walked over and cleared his throat. "Uh, sir, is there something I can help you with?" he asked as he stepped forward to him. "And please, keep your voice down, this is a library."

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coolbreeze888/6/16 9:41pm
Tulsan slowly turned around to face james.

suprinsingly using his indoor voice. he tried to remain calm as he stated his problem.

"ive been trying to look for this book for this writing assignment and its so damn hard to find anything in here.. its like a maze in here..."

Tulsan then takes a closer look at james, giving a quizzical look.

"you look familiar..."

Tulsan sighed.

"aghh It doesent matter anyways. its not like anyone cares about me anyways... so"

Tulsan put crossed his arms.

"do you happen to know were the Chronicles of the Lotus Blossom is. i only have today to get my assignment done so no lolly gagging"

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joeden8/6/16 9:56pm
Specter made his way through the library looking for something so that if he was found he'd look like anyone else. He grabbed a book at random "chronicles of the lotus blossom" and began to read the book, trying to play dumb. He hoped if he was come across he'd look normalish.

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ejshonk8/6/16 10:39pm
James was impressed that the rowdy guy calmed down to talk to him. James didn't react to him saying that he looked familiar. He heard what he had to say, the book he was looking for. "Ah, one of the classics. Follow me, I know exactly where it is" he said, turning around, heading through the halls of shelves. "Yes, this place is a maze really, but you get used to it after a while." he said. He didn't have to go by any system, or look up the book online, he knew the general area of the book in the library. He continued on, until they got to an area, where Specter had rolled off to. He was looking at the book he mentioned. " looks like he has the book you are looking for." he said looking over to Spcter.

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coolbreeze888/8/16 11:49pm
(( note: single '=thought))

"thanks" Tulsan said as he ignored james knowing he found what he was looking for as he began to walk towards specter.

'poor kid... if only the government hadint outlawed "esoteric" alchemy he would be walking right about now. well better make this quick'

he crouched down towards specters eye level to look as non threatening as possible.

"it seems you have my book there,...uhhh... so can I have" Tulsan tried to keep a straight face so it didn't look like he was pitying him as he extended his arm hoping to receive it.

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joeden8/9/16 7:43am
Specter had cold sweat running down his neck as Tulsan came up to and kneeled down, he hoped he wasn't going to ask for his homework to be done. Specter's heart Jumped when he realized he had the book Tulsan was looking for; great out of all the books he had to grab, it had to be the one this guy was looking for. Specter handed the book over to Tulsan and texted on his speech device, "Sure." Specter then decided it would be best to leave as calmly as he could without freaking out. unfortunately for Specter he forgot to unlock his wheels and he was stuck.

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ejshonk8/9/16 8:13am
James saw that Specter was obviously nervous, and not wanting this interaction at all. He walked over calmly, and unlocked the wheels of Specter's chair. "Let me help you to a table". He was going to help Specter if he wanted it or not. He looked back over to Tulsan as he walked to a table, pushing Specter's chair gently. "Sir, if you need help with that book, I will gladly help you with that, it's ine if my favorites...but I suggest reading it yourself. It would be boring if I told you everything." He said, pushing Specter's up to a table and locking his wheels, and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "let me help you find another book you might like, Specter, I'll be right back." He said, heading to another part of the library.

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coolbreeze888/9/16 8:37pm
Tulsan crossed his arms and shook his head at the awkward situation as he walked off with the book.

sense Tulsan didn't have a library card he decided to pick the nearest table and sat down, grabbing his notebook out of his satchel as he sneered at the concept of actually having to study on his own without "borrowing" other peoples notes.

'its not like I have to read word for' he thought 'I only have to get the gist of it down'

he said as he skimmed through the book and began writing his report in broad strokes.

'hehe, im not technically wrong.. so this should work, I mean, its not like shes looking for specifics'

((the plots going to stall unless someone throws in some random conflict.))

he then noticed the ink in his fountain pen ran out.


Tulsan began shaking the pen, hoping to shake some remaining in lose.

no dice.

"AHH STUPID CHEAP PEN" he said as he through it straight as an arrow, just missing the receptionist by an inch as the point of the pen stuck into the cork board ((or whatever you call it)) behind her with a firm plunk.

"EEEK" yelped the lady at the desk.

Tulsan winced "ohhh that was a close one... maybe I should just use a pencil from now on"

'god damnit.. I just started reading the book and now i'm going to get kicked out for causing a ruckus... and I don't even have a library card damn it... okay okay Tulsan calm down.. just act natural'

Tulsan got up from his table, grabbed his note book and hid the novel in his satchel as made his way towards the door.

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joeden8/9/16 9:12pm
(The whole point of the beginning of the RP is to build character development first before the action as ej said.)

Specter was glad to be out of that situation as James rolled him over to the table. He hoped James wouldn't bring him a book on advanced ideal mechanics or quantum physics, he didn't want to have to have those books in front of him and have a bunch of students see him reading it. Specter just sat there waiting for James to return when he heard a scream and looked to see what had happened. He rolled his chair to the noise not noticing the tear in his bag or papers falling out as he went past Tulsan towards the sound.

The papers that dropped were well written essays on various books and scientific methods well beyond Tulsan's grade.

(Want some conflict how about finding out Specter's secret also normally he's a lot better at hiding this but today is a bad day for him.)

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coolbreeze888/9/16 10:45pm
Tulsan stopped with a screech and looked behind him to see what had fallen onto the floor.

curious, he squatted down and picked up on of the pages. reavealing it to be assorted notes of advanced physics as well as strange blueprints for a so called "steam engine".

Tulsan took a closer look, trying to make sence to the contraption as he read the footnote.

"an engine taking avantage of the storage and releasing of thermal energy added to water in order to self propel a carriage or similar work" he muttered to himself raising an eyebrow in bemusement.

'alchemy..coexisting with mechanics...this is unheard of...'

Tulsan then looked over to see specter seeing if the receptionist was all right.

'THAT KID...a genius!!?

Tulsan then began to think about the person who wrote these notes and his possible future job at a government laboratory. turning these blueprints into an actual device... just imagine how this could be used in those grimy corrupt hands. the peacekeepers could make it to both ends of the country in a matter of hours rather than days... a new tool of oppression and persecution for us power users.

letting his paranoia get the better of him. he couldent let ANY of these notes be possessed by anyone else.

so Tulsan worked vigorously as he procceded to pick up all the unsorted notes off the ground and into his satchel. hoping to take these notes home and burn them in his fireplace....or maybe just keep these notes to himself... there could be alchemical equasions for explosives or something.

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ejshonk8/10/16 1:52am
James was headed back to the table when he heard the receptionist yelp, which made him flinch a bit. But he was farther away, so it didn't hurt him as much. He had a book in his hands, which happened to have the cover of a classic book that he knows kids in his class are reading, but inside was actually the book Specter was reading earlier, he had switched the covers to that Specter could read it and take notes under the radar. He walked back to the table, only to see Tulsan packing up notes...

James stepped forward, glancing over to see Specter at the receptionist. He knew that this might get rough, so James pushed his ear plugs in his ears even more. Walking up to Tulsan, he leaned down and picked up the last bit of papers he hadn't put in his satchel. "Sir, stealing is a crime, so if you don't mind, I will wake those notes back please." he said, holding out his hand, as if expecting him to hand them over. "I know these are not yours, so don't even try that excuse." he said.

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