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Subscribe to this thread All that is Left is Silence created by ejshonk on August 2, 2016

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joeden8/5/16 9:34am
Specter froze he got so caught up in his determination to invent things, he forgot to hide his intelligence. He looked terrified at James' and quickly wrote down, "Please don't tell anyone that I'm this smart I don't want to be a locker decoration."

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ejshonk8/5/16 10:04am
James stepped back a bit when Specter seemed to be afraid. James saw what he was writing and he put a hand on Specter's shoulder. "I won't tell a soul, I promise." He then sat down next to him and continued. "I don't see why you would want to hide it...I mean, yes, bullies are a problem, but you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are." He leaned back and just chuckled. "Funny...say stuff like that to people all the time, and yet I would like nothing more than to just be someone else...or at least have normal ears..." he said as his ears folded back a bit.

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joeden8/5/16 10:22am
Specter felt a bit relieved that he wasn't going to be bullied to death and wrote down, "Thank you. I think I can help you with your ear problem." Specter then went through his sheets and grabbed the one he doodled on, the pages was covered in multiple earplugs designs that looked pretty advanced. He then wrote down, "It's a start but I could make you some earplugs that can adjust the sound level to make it comfortable for you."

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ejshonk8/5/16 10:38am
James looked to see what he was writing, and saw that he wanted to help with his hearing problem. Confused, he was about to say something when he then was handed the paper that had many designs on it, all with amazing detail, with formulas and symbols he didn't even understand. "This all seems so....interesting..." he said, then looked over to Specter. "Why?" He blatantly asked. "Why do you want to help me? I mean, we barely know each other...why would you want to make something like this for me?"

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joeden8/5/16 1:21pm
Specter scratched the back of his head before writing, "Well you're keeping my secret and I want to thank you. Also, I'm an inventor if I can make this device I can sell it and get out of school." he looked down tapping the paper with his pen he continued to write, "I also. Don't, never mind."

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ejshonk8/5/16 1:31pm
James looked at him and sighed. "A secret is just a secret, you don't owe me anything." He said and fixed at his sleeves again. "Just hold in with the hearing device for now, because you have other things to create, invent and fix, like your trying thing" he said pointing to his chair. "I'm fine, don't worry about me, I...I can handle it" he said and leaned back in his chair, then out of the corner of his eye, he saw that he had books about powers.

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joeden8/5/16 1:51pm
Specter took the sheet with his sheets on it and wrote TBWOL he then looked through the books he had and started reading through theories on mechanics and Dreamkeepers bodily autonomy. The books Specter was copying things from were well beyond what their grades were studying. While doing this Specter took a quick glance at James noticing the books he was looking at. Specter adjusted The open books to hide the books on powers.

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ejshonk8/5/16 3:01pm
James already saw the books...because he knows those books. He had researched it himself as soon as he got to live in this library. He practiced his smaller things when no one was looking. In the attic, no one was there to stop you...he knows it's 'wrong' to use a power, but James didn't care. He let it slide for now, but it was nice to know that there was someone he could talk to about it. "So um..." he asked tentatively. "What do you want me to help with?" He doesn't know how much help he'll be since he has no idea about the mechanics and such in the books he was reading, but he might be able to help in another way.

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joeden8/5/16 3:25pm
Specter rose a finger indicating he needed a second and finished writing down additional numbers and book names with their pages. Specter looked at his text to speech then wrote down, "do you have some spare computer parts and a tool box?" Specter then removed the top of his speech device and looked at the damage, it was an easy fix when he got the tools to do so.

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ejshonk8/5/16 5:39pm
James waited for him to be done scribbling down his notes, and saw what he asked him. "Oh, um... maybe. My uncle has a lot of things upstairs packed away, but I can look to see if I can find anything." He said and then stood up. "I'll be right back" he then walked away, going through the big doors that leads to the upstairs.

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coolbreeze888/5/16 7:01pm
((sigh....just what this already mediocre forum needs.... another freaking high school drama RP))

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joeden8/5/16 8:49pm
((Cool did you really need to post that?))

Specter continued reading waiting for James to return, he drew some connections between machinery and the Dreamkeeper body. Doing the math he was sure he got the right calculations, if not his robot would remain immobile. He was sure it would work the fifteenth time was the charm right? At least that's what he hoped.

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ejshonk8/5/16 9:27pm
It was a good half an hour before finally James came back into the library. He stepped forward to the table and put down a very dusty, old cardboard box. James, also covered in dust, shook himself off away from Specter, sneezing twice as the dust tried to settle. Rubbing his nose, he looked back over to the box. "Yeah, well, I found a box with a bunch of old wires, different gadgets and...whatever these things are." he said and sat down again, this time getting one of his own books to read, it looked like a book about ancient writings, different cultures and traditions. He also was taking notes, but it seemed to be more of a school project than anything.

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joeden8/6/16 8:38am
Specter spent the time he had reading through the books and making notes. As James came back he saw the box on the table and wrote, "Thanks." He then proceeded to look through the box grabbing some of the parts and began to fix his device. After a few minutes of tinkering Specter had the device working properly. He then decided to give it a test, "H-h-h-h-h-h-h-hello testing one two three." satisfied with his work he leaned back and relaxed.

((His device voice sounds like the skeleton talking in this: ))

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ejshonk8/6/16 9:46am
James continued to work on his project, reading some things that seemed genuinely interesting, and writing some things down vigorously, until he jumped a bit with hearing the robotic like voice, looking over to Specter. "You got that fixed already?" He asked. "Wow, you really are a genius." He said and chuckled. He put his pencil down and turned to him, seeing how it works and such. "So...if you don't mind me did you um...end up like this?"

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