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Subscribe to this thread All that is Left is Silence created by ejshonk on August 2, 2016

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ejshonk8/2/16 1:02pm
The object of this RP is to be long term Ė Character development first, then we get to the action. Anyone can join

First scene: To the Library.

It didnít take long for the bell to ring. The seemingly long day was over, and it was time to head home. James, however sat patiently in the classroom until he heard the hallway was not filed with nosy people anymore, before walking out and heading to his locker. Clutching the books closely to his chest, he walked along, as his tail swished behind him a bit. Working in a library, he had grown a sincere care for any book. He headed to his particularly neat locker and put his things inside, only taking the things he needs. He wore a red long sleeve shirt and a tight pair of jeans, walking through the halls and out the door. He needed to get to the library/his home, He had the late shift, so he had to get all of his stuff done before heading to work for his Uncle.

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joeden8/2/16 7:57pm
Specter put his books into his bag on the back of his wheelchair and began to roll himself out of the classroom. Specter wore a gray sweater and blue jeans with black runners, he was quite a small kid and moved with annoyance at the halls being so crowded. If he could speak it would be a lot easier but typing the voice to chat, got to frustrating and wasn't what he deemed worthwhile. Finally making it outside rolled himself to the end of the school and huffed wondering if he wanted to go home to his crazy brothers or to go to the library and research new ways to make his inventions work.

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ejshonk8/4/16 7:17am
Since James had waited for the crowds to clear up a bit before heading out of the classroom, he walked out the door pretty much at the same time Specter did. He double checked himself, making sure he got all of his things. He started to head out when he jumped back a bit, almost getting into a head on collision with Specter. He looked over to him with an apologetic face, and just held his books tighter to him "S-sorry," he said, and just hurried away from him, pulling his sleeves down some more. He obviously was headed in the direction of the library, which was only a couple blocks away from the school.

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joeden8/4/16 10:44am
Specter went wide eyed as James nearly ran into him after his heart stopped wildly beating with his near death experience, he gathered his wits and headed towards the library. Reaching the library he made his way up the ramp and headed in, making his way to the advanced physics section he looked up at the shelf with a silent huff he saw the book and began to huff as he stood to reach for the book he was after.

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ejshonk8/4/16 7:30pm
James continued on and got to the library before Specter did. He said hello to his uncle, and went on his way to get to his attic and room. He put most of his stuff down next to his bed. Once he got everything situated, he went back downstairs, getting ready to help his uncle. The young cat looked over to the corner of his eye and saw the kid in the wheelchair trying to get a book, and trying to stand. It was the same one he almost ran into. He walked over and grabbed the book for him, being only slightly taller than Specter, and gave it to him. "Here..." he said, his tail swishing out a bit. An awkward pause came over them and he then cleared his throat. "I just wanted to apologize...I didn't mean to get in your way before..."

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joeden8/4/16 8:00pm
Specter smiled as he took the book sitting back down he then looked to his text to speech, only see it was damaged. Annoyed he pulled out a paper and pen and wrote down, "Thanks." He showed the word to James as he sat back down placing the book on his lap as he rolled the chair back looking for a table before continuing to write, "No worries it happens more times than often."

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ejshonk8/4/16 8:27pm
James thought it was odd at first that he wasn't speaking, and that he wrote the word "Thanks" to him instead. He followed him and looked over Specter's shoulder, seeing what he was writing. James has seen Specter in the halls of the school before, but had no idea what what he could and couldn't do. " can't speak?" he asked and then shook his head, sitting next to him at the table "Sorry, that was insensitive of me..." he said.

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joeden8/4/16 8:36pm
Specter placing the book on the table looked at him realizing he was one of his classmates and quickly hid the title on the book nodding at his question. Specter didn't want people to know he was smarter then he looked he'd seen the movies when he was homeschooled and didn't need to be called coindexter or shoved in a locker.

Picking up his pen and paper he wrote down, "Yeah, I can't but what are you doing here? Most people at our school don't come to the Library." Specter was a little nervous the rumors would spread about him and he'd be lockerbait, or be bullied into doing other people's homework and not be left any time for his work.

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ejshonk8/4/16 8:47pm
James didn't catch the title of the book, he was still just amazed at someone who couldn't speak. He saw him write more things down, and then looked over to him. "I work here...and, well, I also live the attic..." he said. From the outside, it seemed like the attic would be a really small place to live in. And inside? Well, it was even smaller. "My uncle owns this place, and he let's me live's always nice and quiet here." he said, fixing and pulling down his long sleeves, a nervous tick he has is just playing with his sleeves. "My name is James..." he said "It's nice to meet you."

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joeden8/4/16 9:02pm
Specter hearing James' Explanation realized why James was at the Library. He also felt a little bad for him. But not enough that he'd want to be his friend he didn't need friends he had his brothers dingle one two and three. He figured if he played nice James would get bored and leave him be, hopefully without him finding out about his knowledge. But still he felt nervous being around someone he didn't know. He then began writing down on the paper, "my Name's Specter; same."

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ejshonk8/5/16 5:56am
It didn't seem like Specter was all that interested in conversing, and James got the message. After he found out his name, he nodded to him. "Well um...I guess I'll be on my way..." he said and then looked back to where he got the book. He knew the library like the back of his hands, and soon realized it was a book on advanced physics. He smiled a bit. "Actually...hang on a second." he said and set his things down and went out or sight a bit. Soon, there was the sound of squeaking wheels, and James was now pushing a very tall ladder against the wall. While he was pushing though, the wheels made a very loud, sudden screech of metal wheels on metal. While it probably was just an annoying sound to Specter, James recoiled back immediately almost in pain, holding his ears. In shock for a second, chills went down his spine, and he just exhaled. He was fine...yes it hurt, but he's fine. Even with earplugs in, a squeak like that hurt a kit. He carefully and very slowly pushed the ladder near the physics section, and hesitated a bit, trying to calm himself down a bit.

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joeden8/5/16 6:15am
Specter was thankful James had left but when the ladder started to speak, his interest was caught momentarily. He noticed how James winced at the sound, which piqued his interest in the guy, he pulled out another piece of paper and started sketching down James' ears and a set of earplugs. he then rolled off into an isle on advanced engineering and proceeded to get the books he required, after that he picked up a couple books on Dreamkeeper powers. Why he picked these books up he didn't know he just got sidetracked and continued down the halls to find a book he wanted but couldn't locate.

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ejshonk8/5/16 8:22am
James saw that Specter rolled himself away to find something. James fixed his own small earplugs and sighed. Once he calmed down, and his hands stopped shacking, he then went up the ladder. The library has huge walls, and a ladder was needed to get to the stuff near the top. He continued on until he got to the stop section, looking at a few books. He found the couple of books that he was looking for, and then brought the heavy books down, but not before looking out to see where Specter was. Once he got off the ladder, he then went over to the aisle that Specter was in. " there anything I can help you find?"

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joeden8/5/16 8:57am
Specter looked back taken out another book and shook his head no. He moved back to his table and began skimming through the books he wrote down and held out to James' "Noise hurts your ears?" Specter's eyes lit up as he found the page he was looking for. Hopefully, this would be his best invention ever, he'd be able to sell this and make millions.

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ejshonk8/5/16 9:15am
James saw him roll back to the table, seeing him write down something. James hesitated, but nodded. "Um...yes, it does..." he said. "Even wearing ear plugs, I still have a hard time..." he said and then saw him looking into things and in the books. He seemed focused, determined, but he wanted to help if he could. "I um...I saw you were looking into these advanced physics books..." he said and then placed the two large books he had on the table for him. "These came in recently, new studies and works by theoretical physicists that have been published but have not been proven..." he looked over to Specter and smiled. "I wish I could understand all of this stuff, able to work on science in such...I mean, I like history, finding things that are old that could still have relevance today... Intelligence is an amazing gift, Specter, it really is." he said, smiling at him.

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