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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Reserved created by ejshonk on August 1, 2016

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ejshonk8/1/16 7:27pm
A character that I would love to RP with here. I'm very interested in story based, long term stuff, so gladly message me if you are interested! I have a ton of idea brewing in my head that I would love to play out.

Name: James Calsin

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Power: Sound Wave Manipulation – Every wound makes a sound wave, which he can use to make a force to push others. He can only do this with sounds he creates, like a snap of fingers, a scream, or a clap. His weakness though, is that he has extremely sensitive hearing. He wears ear plugs all the time. While that drowns out most of the sound, to him, it still feels like people are loudly talking even they are just speaking normally. If his earplugs come out and someone speaks, he will be on the floor screaming if you are yelling at him. His halo is soft green color.

Appearance: This feline (Abyssinian to be more precise) has an almost rusty type of fur color. While the tips of the fur are dark brown, the further it gets to the skin, there is a lighter tint to it, a trait all Abyssinian cats have. He is lithe, thin, and has piercing green eyes. He usually wears long sleeved shirts and pants, even in he summer time, he seems to be hiding something. He has earplugs in his ears, a string connects both of them from ear to ear, the string resting against the back of his head. The earplugs he disguised as hearing aids, so no one really tries to pull them out.

Personality: Quiet, reserved, and pretty shy. He is very passive, as in if he wants to assertive, or try to stand up for himself, he’ll do it in a way that makes people think he didn’t do anything. If you are loud, he won’t go near you. He usually keeps to himself, almost feeling he has to.

History: James was always crying as a baby, his parents having no idea why he was in pain, until the doctors realized his ears were the problem. They gave him the ear plugs to wear, and it seemed to be better. However, school was a problem though, and still is. Any rally or lunch time when the students are all together talking and yelling across the room, he will step away and be by himself, usually near his locker in the hallway. He doesn’t really have a lot of friends, and that’s partially because he’s afraid to get close to anyone. When he was younger, his brother and him would always fight, and his parents would do nothing about it. His older brother would play tricks on him and such, until one day, only when James was 13, his brother took his earplugs, and screamed into his unprotected ear. James almost went into shock covered his ears, that scream literally almost piercing his mind, instantly in pain, hunched over as his brother continued to scream at him. James soon felt something rush over him as his eyes went light green, and screamed at his brother, and that scream sent his brother flying across the room, knocking him out as he hit the wall. When his parents came in to separate them, the damage was done. Blood dripping from James’ ears, crying on the floor, he couldn’t get that scream out of his head, as a soft green halo floated above his head. He never talked to his brother ever again. Instead, he requested that live with his uncle, who owns the library near the school. His brother, who is out of high school now, has never tried to get in contact with James. Now James lives in the attic of the library, in a very small, cramped room… but at least it’s quiet… James also likes to help others, always trying to save people from situations that are unfair.

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