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Subscribe to this thread Viscount Liddo created by Prometheus on July 28, 2016

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Prometheus7/28/16 11:13pm
Okay, after that recent bombshell in Prelude, I think this old man deserves his own thread now.

So, any thoughts on the guy?

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Bowoodstock7/29/16 3:21am
Looks like an old school one-of-the-boys politician, the kind who got elected on tradition and money. If I recall correctly, he was responsible for the laws regarding power use. Definitely one of those guys who thinks he can do no wrong.

My guess is tinsel tried to use him first to get her hooks into the government, and when that didn't work, manipulated the situation to get someone younger, more likeable in office for her to use (Calah).

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ZycantAlpha7/29/16 10:01am
Bowoodstock, I think that the "I can do no wrong" mindset is kinda common when it comes to politics. But, yeah. I could see her doing it to get a foothold in office.

Also, I'm going to guess that he broke it off with her either a) his conscience got the better of him, or b) he figured out exactly how horrible she was.

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