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Subscribe to this thread Another New Guy created by Childish on June 6, 2016

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Childish6/6/16 3:51pm
Hey! Just finished falling in love with DreamKeepers. Anyways, I love reading, writing, and typing too much, so figured I'd join the forums. Stuck on an IPod though and it's giving me hell finding a profile picture that works. Will have to get too that when I manage to get on a comp with Internet... Hope to have a good time talking with ya'll. Can't be too bad if you know a good story when you see it.

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ZycantAlpha6/7/16 10:18am
Welcome to the forums. Childish! Hopefully, you have something you can type on more easily soon.

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TalkedSpy6/7/16 7:40pm
For some reason, that Edward pic perfectly fits with your username. Besides that, welcome aboard my good sir! Name's TalkedSpy, the usual 16 year old who has a thirst for blood, sex, enthusiasm, and potatoes! ;3

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Childish6/7/16 9:07pm
Thanks, to both of you! No clue when the forum suddenly decided to approve the picture I put in, but very glad to have it. And yeah, Ed's awesome that way. Cool to see people.

Just curious. How active is it here? Anything's good, but seems a bit empty.

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EngineerPearl06/12/16 7:33pm
It's the off season. The forums will pick up again when the GNS starts back up.

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ZycantAlpha6/12/16 9:36pm
Yeah, this is kinda normal. Things are slow unless something big happens, so in a little bit things should pick up for a while.

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TalkedSpy6/16/16 6:49pm
There was a massive boom in activety when V4 was announced and released, but strangely, despite having over 400 members and an increase in DK popularity, the forum hasn't been as usually active as it used to or supposed to be.

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Childish6/21/16 10:18am
Alright. Looking forward to it. Hopefully next time things start picking up it'll last for a good while.

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Scottieboy20207/27/16 8:40pm
Welcome to the DK-Verse Childish! (sorry 'bout the late welcome XD)

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TalkedSpy7/28/16 4:27am

Scottie, do not comment on a greeting thread a couple of weeks after the latest post. Once that happens, the thread is officially dead. IT IS DEAD.

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