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Subscribe to this thread Welp, I'm here created by EngineerPearl0 on May 6, 2016

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EngineerPearl05/6/16 7:13pm
Hey. I was here a while ago, but after a bad convo, I had to get some distance. But I'm back now! I remade my account (sorry mods) due to having changed a lot about who I am and how I identify myself since I was last here.
My biggest question has to be: did I miss anything important?

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Kafelnikov5/8/16 9:30am
Welcome back, Engineer. I just re-registered on the forums a few months ago, myself.

In big DK news, David and I ran a successful kickstarter campaign to publish the first ever official DK written novel, and he's doing a pile of interior illustrations for the project:

Other than that, I think he'll be revamping the main website and having another kickstarter soon for DK plushies, so stay tuned for that.

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ZycantAlpha5/8/16 6:25pm
Well, its nice to see that you're giving us another shot EngineerPearl! Hopefully this time you'll get a better impression of the community.

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Ferrous5/9/16 8:00am
Welcome back to the mayhem!

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