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Dreamkeepers Forums - A Fox In Space: A Star Fox Parody

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Subscribe to this thread A Fox In Space: A Star Fox Parody created by Ferrous on April 26, 2016

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Ferrous4/26/16 12:59pm
So, I'm an old fogey. I remember the original Star Fox video game trailer when it came out back in the old days of the early 90's. It was one of the first Video Games I ever played.

I remember the heady console days of 1996, when my younger brothers and I would fire up the trusty N64, take to our Arwings and settle (and cause) more disputes.

This is possibly the greatest thing I've seen for the Franchise and is worth your time.

Is it the best animated thing out there? No. The animation style most closely approximates what you'd see in Heavy Metal.

But the fun this has with you while you're watching it is great.


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AFox4/30/16 12:22pm
A Fox? Where'm I in this vide- ...oh.
Sorry ^^; thought I saw my name in the title.

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