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Subscribe to this thread What Are the Spirits? What Do they Look Like? created by WiseOwlReader on April 25, 2016

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WiseOwlReader4/25/16 8:15am
I'm writing a story involving character who's power ties into the Spirits and I'm wondering, how would they look beyond what's been shown in Vol 4? I sort of imagine they don't see eye to eye with mortals and their morality would be blue and orange as opposed to our black and white.

Here's my take on Spirits: While they are friendly, they are incredibly angry and bitter over the loss of belief over time. I'm also going to draw from Pratchett's Small Gods on how humans fear or follow the structure of religion rather than the god it's centered around. I.e. the loss of belief in the Spirits and Nature. I think the Spirits are linked a lot more to Animism than anything else.

And my character in this crossover is the only one who can see them and interact with them. I guess what I need help with is developing this world within the world of Dreamkeepers.

Are there lesser spirits? Maybe elder class ones? Elementals? Poltergeists? I plan at some point on involving a Genus Loci. That's a spirit attached to a place or an object and is sentient otherwise.

I'd like to discuss this further.

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