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Subscribe to this thread Hola a Todos! Greetings everyone! created by AlcorTheMonkey on April 20, 2016

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AlcorTheMonkey4/20/16 9:24am
Hello, I am new to the forum ^^ but I'm enjoying dreamkeepers, since I saw it also had a Forum with Roleplay, i've decided to sign in, I hope we get along,
I speak Spanish, English and a little Portuguese, so, hello everyone :D

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Prometheus4/21/16 11:50am
Well, hello there, AlcorTheMonkey. :) Welcome to the Dreamkeepers forums. ^^ You had already PM'ed me a question today, so you already know me.

But, just to be formal, I am Prometheus, one of five moderators here on the forums. DanWithTheHat, PotatoFox, MobileCrusader, and TeamDK consist of the rest of the mod team. ^^

Don't be a stranger and hop on into the discussions that we have or start something fresh. Be sure to memorize our rules here as you do so:

Forum Rules:

Explicit Content Rules:

Also, take note that we have a weekly chat session with the creators themselves every Thursday night at 9 P.M. EST on Chatwing here:

And, with that, do enjoy yourself and give us mods a shout if you have a questions or concern. Have fun. :D

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ZycantAlpha4/23/16 2:38pm
Welcome to the group, Alcor!

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AlcorTheMonkey4/25/16 1:09pm
Many thanks ^^! I hope we get allong very well :)

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