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Dreamkeepers Forums - Am I the only French on this forum ?

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Subscribe to this thread Am I the only French on this forum ? created by Filzar on April 15, 2016

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Filzar4/15/16 3:11pm
Hello there

I discovered DK a week ago and I eaten the three free volumes .
I went through the forum , registered and noticed the low number of members .I'm asking if I am the only guy here from france ?

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origamifan4/15/16 4:46pm
Résidant moi même dans l'hexagone, je crois pouvoir affirmer sans grand risque de me tromper que non. Bonjour!

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Filzar4/16/16 6:48am
Et bien je ne m'y attendais pas !

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origamifan4/16/16 8:50am
Pour tout dire, moi non plus! c'est fou!

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TalkedSpy4/17/16 6:32pm
Origamifan is french........huh.

*drinks tea*

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origamifan4/18/16 1:55am
I was so good at hiding it ?

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TalkedSpy4/18/16 8:20am
Yep. XD

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origamifan4/18/16 8:26am
Yet, it's in my profile description.

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TalkedSpy4/18/16 5:49pm

*goes to corner - cries*

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origamifan4/19/16 6:32am
Au fait, si tu le désire, tu peut aller te présenter sur la page salutations

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