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Subscribe to this thread Muliebral created by AFox on March 26, 2016

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TalkedSpy5/15/16 10:59am

That'll do. Email's on my profile.

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Scottieboy20205/19/16 7:33pm
That got way out of hand fast. XD
ALSO, I'm genuinely scared to know what's in that image haha.
As far as I'm concerned, if Muliebral dies in the Prelude, then I am going to be having... issues. Unfortunately, that's my only logical explanation for her not appearing in the GNS, aside from her being fired, which makes little sense since she could simply tell anyone about Namah. Whether or not there's a Cameo in V4 will prove if she dies, I guess.

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AFox5/19/16 8:27pm

Don't be, it's not a bad image at all, just her having sex with an OC of mine.
Same here...she's grown on me as a character, her being fired would be explainable for why she's not there. Though I half wonder whether or not the Guards and Nainso were the only ex-Vicount employees to sign up with Troika...

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TalkedSpy5/20/16 9:30am
I had realized that who Muliebral was after viewing the pic.......I suck at remembering names. ;_;

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AFox5/24/16 5:23pm

Well hey man, it happens to all of us sometimes.

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xodathe4bdn18/5/16 2:47pm
I can just see Muliebral coming back in the graphic novel as this action milf
Killing nightmares would so agree with her figure

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TalkedSpy8/5/16 4:15pm
Muliebral: The Thick Murderous Former House Maid. XD

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xodathe4bdn18/6/16 12:45pm
That's what I'm saying
The idea is
Hot scary and funny

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BryanDimmsdale8/7/16 6:25am

You mean, Former SHSL Ultimate Housemaid?!


... I'll see myself out

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TalkedSpy8/9/16 6:26pm

I know this is a worn out meme,'s the L.

(lol jk pls don't kill me ;~;)

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