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Subscribe to this thread Patreon NSFW Sketch Ideas (18+ Users Only) created by Prometheus on March 16, 2016

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Prometheus3/16/16 9:25pm
While it doesn't seem likely that anything mentioned in this thread will get greenlit by the Lillies since they have the final say, like it says in their Patreon under the related pledge, "it doesn't hurt to ask".

Post the naughty and totally non-canon ideas you have in mind for the DK Patreon monthly sketch here. It can be something you legitimately want to ask Dave to draw or just something you want to see, but would rather not ask. XD

Since I'm not a patron, I have nothing to offer. I'll leave the floor open for the first suggestion to someone else. XP

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Prometheus8/18/16 7:08pm
Since there haven't been any takers, I guess I'll volunteer. It would seem even non-patrons can get their suggestions into the polls since my Mace, Whip and Paige idea from the SFW thread made it in. XD

Anyway, since it's fairly obvious that sexually non-canon art of the DK cast isn't likely to happen in this lifetime (or at least in the next decade or so), how about we go for something involving something obscure from the story?

Like this little tidbit I caught while snooping thru the History section of the home site:

I mean, this just sounds too good to leave in words alone. ;)

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Kafelnikov8/23/16 7:35am
Sounds like a fun one, though I guess we should be wary about spamming David with NSFW requests. I hope one day you'll have the financial flexibility to become a patron yourself and let all your ideas run wild.

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Prometheus8/23/16 12:48pm

Oh, I hope so, too. X3 It won't be much longer. In the meantime, I'll still throw an idea or two here for anyone who would want to spice things up with the polls in the future.

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