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Subscribe to this thread The Wayward Astronomer created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2016

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Kymastrider3/7/16 3:29pm
So we have a place to discuss the Wayward Astronomer kickstarter and updates =P

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Kafelnikov3/7/16 5:06pm
Aaaaaaand we're live!!!

Check out the kickstarter here:

I'm Geoff, the author of the story and the manager of the campaign, so feel free to contact me on Kickstarter or here if you have any questions!

Thanks for your support!

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Koreth3/10/16 11:59pm
I confess I've not been particularly active in the community, so there's probably reason for this, but I find myself completely blindsided. Huhwhat? Licensed novel? Already?

Part of me wants to support this, 'cause DreamKeepers. But, I can be given to downright irrational risk aversion at times. I'm not trying to come across as a jerk by saying such, but you're an unknown quantity to me. Now, David's letting you play in his sandbox, and having proven himself quite thoroughly, that speaks volumes. But the hesitation remains.

Is there a place with some samples of other things you've written, that I might get an idea of your writing style, and thus how much I'm likely to enjoy The Wayward Astronomer?

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Kafelnikov3/11/16 12:52pm
Hi Koreth,

No problem at all. All the chapters of the 1st draft are posted on my deviantart account at Feel free to read through and decide if you like it or not. The final book will be more polished, as the 2nd draft cleans up a lot of things from the first and then a round or two of professional editing will catch what I missed.

There are also testimonials from other users who read through my work that are featured on the kickstarter campaign page.

I'll shoot you a PM with some links.

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Koreth3/11/16 1:39pm
Got the PM, thanks. I'll check this out over the weekend.

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TalkedSpy3/11/16 7:48pm
If David himself granted you the permission and licencing of setting your novel in his universe.....then, by all means, you are worthy of becoming one of the greats.

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Kymastrider3/20/16 7:32am
The Wayward Astronomer doesn't seem to be getting as much momentum as I thought it would. At this pace we won't even hit the $40,000 Stretch goal needed to make black and white illustrations for the book D=

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Kafelnikov3/24/16 7:46am
Check out the art print David put together for the campaign, available to all backers of Tier #4 or higher:

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BryanDimmsdale3/27/16 12:15am
Hi, Geoff. I sent you a PM a long time ago and haven't been replied back. Have you check it yet?

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Kafelnikov3/27/16 5:30pm

Sorry about that! You should have a reply waiting in your inbox!

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Kafelnikov3/27/16 7:55pm
Great news everyone! We hit our initial funding goal for the Kickstarter campaign! This means that The Wayward Astronomer will become a reality thanks to the DK community.

Our work isn't done, though. With still 9 days on the calendar, we have enough time to push for some STRETCH GOALS. It's free stuff for all backers at no extra cost, and if we do well enough, we may even make this book fully illustrated! Nothing is impossible so if any of that sounds good to you, spread the word and consider backing the campaign if you haven't done so already! Things can only get better from here!

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Prometheus3/28/16 8:43pm
Congrats to ya, Geo! :D I sure hope this keeps on trucking. Your book deserves to be brought to life in both words and illustrations. :P

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BryanDimmsdale3/29/16 5:49pm
Hey, Geoff, I receive you PM. And thanks for contributing to the DK wikia community, we're very thankful!

Also, I wish you luck! Hopefully the stretch goals are met; I would really love to see that illustrated. :)

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Kafelnikov3/29/16 5:59pm
Thanks Bryan! Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Spread the word and we might just hit our goal to bring this book to life!

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TalkedSpy3/31/16 6:00pm
Hopefully I get a Visa debit card and back the project in time. Pretty interested on how good this is going be Kafe! <3

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