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Subscribe to this thread Should i stay... created by Alej on March 1, 2016

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Alej3/1/16 6:24pm
I do like it here but I feel like it just isn't active enough to sustain me. All my friends can find me at this forum:

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Javelin3/2/16 8:42pm
You should stay I think David and Liz are logging in a bit more to check on the forum and throwing in some news are way and I think ill check out the link :)

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Prometheus3/3/16 1:49pm
Do stay. ^^ Try to remember that our fanbase is a small one. It will grow in time. There's still plenty to do here.

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Ferrous3/5/16 7:55am
Assuming you're still around, stay! The more here the merrier.

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Alej3/8/16 7:21pm
*sigh* alright... I guess Ill stay. I really hope more ppl come though

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BryanDimmsdale3/8/16 8:00pm
Don't worry, a lot people are coming soon. Actually, why don't you join the Telegram group, most of us are very active there. Talk to Draon con Color if he'll let you join.

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Alej3/11/16 9:12pm
Eh... no?

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