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Subscribe to this thread A Burning world created by joeden on February 28, 2016

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Javelin8/4/16 2:18pm
I've lost my touch with being on Dream keepers comic forum a bit I'm sorry :(

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Javelin8/30/16 8:06pm

Should we escape through the portal or accidentally sink in the glowy snow and into an air bubble as a hiding place? if you want.

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joeden9/1/16 5:57pm
the portal is down it was blown to bits. Ollow is hurt and everyone is running towards the mountains north of the base.

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finlo9/1/16 7:33pm
your avatar

really HATE puns.

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Javelin9/10/16 9:48pm
Was my last post too over dramatic?
And sorry for being rude and god moding and stuff
And what are all the number of characters you have in mind?
And my mistake for not being aware of your characters capabilities on both "Party down in Talocan" (I should have went back a few pages on Party down in Talocan story to search for characters and their capabilities) and on "A burning world" (I'm sorry I was mostly in a faith type state which means I don't use my head efficiently and about my Intellect I wasn't sure if being frustrated and being able to pick up on knowledge was a safe combination with being on the forum or it might have been me thinking my intellect was going to be bad news idk I lost track of what I was while growing up but I'll research some more between faith and Intellect.

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joeden9/11/16 11:27am
Its fine. I'm in a bit of a downtime so I'm not able to say or do much at the moment. Also Faith type state? Buddy I'm not sure if you even understand that word but you're using it wrong.

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Javelin9/11/16 9:10pm
Thank you and I mean spiritual warfare I keep close thoughts on my change in phisioligy and of my surroundings, and what I have in possession.

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Javelin10/9/16 9:24pm
Sorry I've took a while long ill continue the next bit this week.

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Javelin10/20/16 9:39pm
The Joedens know all the dream keepers? Or just specific ones like Helsing and I went back to check the beginning and I saw that the Joeden knew who Javelin was ill re edit them

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joeden10/21/16 7:16am
Joedens do and don't know who all dreamkeepers are characters Like Jamie and Ollow and the Hellsings they know along with a few others. But when it comes to characters like yours and others its on a individual personal level. As for the Joeden that knew your Javelin was friends with the other Javelin. So was trying to kill you so the other Javelin would wake up.

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Javelin12/15/16 11:58pm
Javelin will need his eye gouged out

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joeden12/16/16 6:22am
how does the shock know Ollow?

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Javelin12/16/16 2:40pm
my mistake ill fix and ill continue Brusilov POV

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