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Subscribe to this thread >>>OPERATION SIDEWINDER<<< created by Dreamkeepers on February 26, 2016

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Dreamkeepers2/26/16 9:45pm
If you're reading this, you're outside the mainstream- you decide for yourself what to follow.

You're at Vivid ground zero. Welcome to the underground.

We aim to create and spread the best creator-owned content possible. But we're outgunned:

We cannot compete conventionally with monoliths like Disney- we will never have their millions, their marketing departments, their powerhouse media supporters.

We've got to deploy tactics the big boys can't- or won't- use. Take advantage of the one thing we have that they don't:


Time for asymmetrical warfare.

Some of you knew from the beginning- the #Dreamkeepers Faction Contest was more than just an online giveaway event: It was a training exercise.

Online maneuvering, hashtag deployment, brigading comment sections- and a #Dreamkeepers hashtag populated with outrageous content, in preparation for:


We're going up against The Mouse.

Most readers may want to step away from this one- but with a small handful of elites, we're going to take action!

The operation deploys from March 4th -7th... During the release of #Zootopia.

Disney will be spending millions to get people talking about their latest film. So our objective is simple:

Using zero dollars, put #Dreamkeepers in that conversation.

We'll organize here in the Forum and with the #OpSidewinder hashtag on various social sites.

I'll post links here to a strategy guide, memes, and priority #1 targets.

No amount of money can replace fun. So let's do something nobody else has tried, have some fun, and make some noise!

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Dreamkeepers2/26/16 9:46pm
#OpSidewinder Tactical Guide downloadable here:

Preliminary meme links en-route.

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Dreamkeepers2/26/16 10:07pm
#OpSidewinder preliminary meme ordinance:

If anyone customizes or creates new memes for sidewinder, drop 'em in that gallery! You can never have too much ammo.

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Ferrous2/26/16 10:10pm
Deal me in. Let's light this candle.

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ZycantAlpha2/27/16 2:00pm
I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I think I can give it a shot.

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Javelin2/27/16 2:26pm
Lets get them back for ruining Star Wars!

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ezioauditore972/28/16 8:42am
One can never take enough potshots at those freaking rat bastards! XD

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Javelin2/28/16 5:36pm

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ZycantAlpha2/28/16 5:48pm
...OK, Javelin. It might be time to take it down a notch.

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Ferrous2/28/16 6:04pm
Remember, we want them to like Dreamkeepers, not fear it like a resurgent Mongol horde.

...Granted, we'll be LIKE a Mongol Horde, but with awesome comics and taco trucks.

(You know, if any of you had taco trucks)

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Javelin2/28/16 7:53pm
Their I go again sorry guys :/
I'm going to start some memes not related to my fever and ill show you goes if that's ok ;)

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Javelin2/28/16 8:51pm
@Ferros Show the world the mighty colorful and uniqueness of this awesome comic got it! :)

And thank you both for the reminder! :)

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Reagent2/29/16 6:52am
We must be a parasite, not a predator. We must strategically position ourselves to siphon some of the hype and fanbase in our direction with conversations like "If you like THIS, why don't you try THIS?" instead of "THIS sucks, THIS is so much better!"

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ezioauditore972/29/16 3:07pm
I wouldn't describe it as parasitism @Reagent seeing as even Disney started gaining popularity through such word of mouth at first,but that is indeed a very good way to put it and certainly more endearing than screaming how much better Dreamkeepers is(Which admittedly it very well is,but still!)

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Dreamkeepers3/2/16 11:16am
I think Reagent has the right ticket-

Regardless of Disney's merits, we don't want to trash Zootopia- the movie looks awesome frankly. Even if we could (which we can't) we're not trying to diminish it-

Just set our sights on a target-rich environment, and add even more fun to the mix. Give people a blast of additional art they never would have seen otherwise- and have way too much fun while we do it. E )

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