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Forum - Reality - Salutations

Subscribe to this thread 3 years ago... created by RioluNation on February 25, 2016

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RioluNation2/25/16 9:25pm
I joined this forum about 3 years ago. Then throughout my years, I had so many other personal things to deal with. It was terrible. I hated it, but I struggled through it and managed to survive it. I haven't been on here on a LONG TIME, but I still caught up on Prelude and the latest Dreamkeepers. I still have "a lot of things" to do, but I'll come back here from time to time.

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TalkedSpy3/7/16 5:50am
Wow, no one has made their greetings to you yet. Well, I guess I'll do the honors then!


.....Hello. My name is TalkedSpy. Welcome to the Forums. Here's a potato.

*gives potato*

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ZycantAlpha3/7/16 6:16pm
Well, we're glad you can participate now Riolu!

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Ferrous3/8/16 12:48pm
Welcome back!

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