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Subscribe to this thread An Experiment I Want to Run created by ZycantAlpha on February 18, 2016

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ZycantAlpha2/18/16 4:57pm
The really important stuff is in the link, please read it and consider volunteering to be one of the testers. This may actually prove useful/important.

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joeden2/22/16 7:23pm
Yeah what's going on is that Twitter now has a safe speech council with Anita Sarkeesian at the head and you can find enough video proof of her stating everything is racist everything is sexist everything is homophobic. Twitter has gone #fullmcintosh #fullSJW its under assault by marxists

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ZycantAlpha2/22/16 8:58pm
That's not proof of it happening though. That's why I want to run the experiment. If it is happening, it'll strengthen your guys' case to do this. If it isn't, then I'm overall saving you guys a lot of undue effort.

This'll give you a good way to check if your "righteous fury" is based in actual fact and more importantly, it'll set a good precedent in the future. So, yeah. You can give me all the videos you want of people saying this stuff, but unless you guys can definitively prove - and I mean PROVE that Shadowbanning is happening, this may be your best bet.

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origamifan2/23/16 2:04am
Well, Ricky Vaughn do show up in my TL. I'll have to wait to see if it's the same for voxday or nero (Althought the shadowban of the latter one won't surprise me given he already did enough to be banned at least 5 times). Do you happens to know how we can post an image on the forum ?

Edit: voxday show up too. I'm becoming much more skeptical about that whole "shadowban" thing.

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ZycantAlpha2/23/16 8:04am
That isn't going to be enough either. Some people have made the claim that the people who view those affected by shadowban are randomly selected to get limited information.

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origamifan2/23/16 9:14am
How many people actually said they didn't showed up in their TL ?

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joeden2/23/16 10:13am
this should give an explanation of what's happening in twitter. Also if you want to see shadow banning post something pro Conservative or anti radical feminist. you'll be shadow banned for sure.

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ZycantAlpha2/23/16 12:56pm
Still need to run an official experiment to know. Look, I know that there's testimony regarding both sides and there are a lot of people who claim either way. But I'm not going to make a choice until I actually have hard evidence to support the claims. The people giving testimony is a start, but it really isn't enough.

So, I'm going to ask one question of both of you that you need to really think about and try to answer to the best of your ability.

Joedon, you say that posting something leaning towards the right or "anti-radical feminist" will get shadowbanned. How do you know that's the case other than what someone else said? Do you have some way to show that they are being blocked compared to other people?

Origamifan, one person still isn't enough and there is still testimony that you'd need to disprove. I can state that there are some people who folow voxday who think they haven't gotten the full information.

My point is that this issue is basically being people panicking instead of looking at the problem as a whole. Nobody actually knows what's going on because nobody's actually looked into it for any longer than a cursory glance.

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origamifan2/25/16 1:27pm
Do you really need a lot of people to run the experiment ? If the accounts toward which the tweets of the "shadowbanned" accounts don't show up are chosen randomly, you could also subscribe to a lot of accounts who claim to be censored and see how many actually show up on your timeline.

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joeden2/25/16 1:52pm
Yeah Shadowbanning means people's posts don't show up on your timeline and anything directed at you doesn't show up on your time just look at yours and the shadowbanned persons account and look if new tweets show up on yours if they don't they're shadowbanned.

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ZycantAlpha2/25/16 5:41pm
Yeah, I do. There are claims that only some of the followers are randomly not receiving tweets from the person (to be slightly more clear, some followers are getting the full amount - others aren't). Therefore, if I were the only one to do it and I wasn't noticing a difference then it might not mean anything.

And honestly, even if that weren't the case it's always better to have more data just to be sure something isn't missed.

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