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Subscribe to this thread Hallo! FerelFiirya here created by FerelFiirya on February 13, 2016

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FerelFiirya2/13/16 4:04pm
Greetings! I'm a long-time follower of webcomics including Las Lindas and The Eye of Ramalach. I tend to have a narrow focus, but recently I decided to expand some of my interests so this week I began looking into things I might have overlooked. Dreamkeepers was a name I'd heard of several times, but never set aside the time to start reading until now. I had no idea what I've been missing out on! I wasn't expecting to find a story so thrilling, a world so fascinating... I've never managed to fully flesh out a setting for my characters, and for the first time in years I felt like I had found a world they could call home.
Even the warm welcome I received on Twitter pleasantly exceeded my expectations!

Anyway, my name's John, but you can call me by either of my characters' names: Ferel or Fiirya (I say "Fee-ri-a" or "Feer-ia", but as long as it's similar enough to recognize as me I won't be concerned about spelling/pronunciation). I enjoy playing games like World of Warcraft, reading webcomics, watching artists online, and learning game programming & development. I'm usually quiet most of the time, but if this post is any indication I can have a lot to say when I'm feeling sociable or excited.
I'm currently working on fine-tuning my characters' bios to fit in the Dreamkeepers universe (WIP preview in profile), and I hope to have up-to-date references for them soon. I look forward to fully introducing them and exploring more of the world of Dreamkeepers!

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TalkedSpy2/13/16 4:05pm
Hello, I'm TalkedSpy. Here's a potato.

*gives potato*

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TruthQuest2/13/16 5:08pm
Hello, and welcome. Some suggestions to look at, aside from "DK", there's "Lackadaisy", "Girl Genius", "By the Book", "Faux Pas", "Last Res0rt - The Cyberpunk Online Comic", and maybe "Widdershins". I enjoy those as well as "DK".

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Sladerin2/13/16 6:42pm
Nice to meet you, i hope you enjoy your stay.

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Prometheus2/13/16 7:55pm
Hello there, Ferel. :) Welcome to the Dreamkeepers forums. Always happy to have a new, avid comic reader around. ^^ Glad to see you've picked up the Dreamkeepers series.

I am Prometheus, one of five moderators here in the forums. My fellow co-horts being DanWithTheHat, PotatoFox, MobileCrusader, and TeamDK; TeamDK being one of the two creators, Liz Lillie herself. ;) Contact us if you need anything. ^^

Now, on to the rules!

Forum Rules:

Adult Content Rules:

So, there you go. I do hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a fun series with a fun fanbase, so don't be a stranger. :D And, welcome again!

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FerelFiirya2/13/16 11:45pm
Thanks for all the welcomes and suggestions! I'll check those out and keep the rules in mind around here. :)

edit: I've almost completed Fiirya and Ferel's profile bios; possibly a few details left to add & tweak but I like what I've put up so far. Feedback is welcome!

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Ferrous2/15/16 9:27am
Hey, a new face! Welcome to the mayhem!

Everyone here is pretty friendly, and glad to have you along!

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ZycantAlpha2/15/16 9:36am
Welcome to the group FerelFiirya!

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Hakuzo2/18/16 7:32pm
Welcome to the land of dreams.

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TalkedSpy2/19/16 12:47pm

THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! (I gonna keep saying that everytime you do that presentation comment H. I'm sorry. :3)

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