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Subscribe to this thread I guess it's time. created by GodofVelcro on February 2, 2016

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GodofVelcro2/2/16 10:35pm
Hey, there, it's Velcro.

Most of you may not know me, but I guess that is relevant to this post. I've been involved in these forums since, well shit, its been almost three years now. I've been with Dreamkeepers itself for much longer, reading and re-reading the novels and Prelude.

However, I have decided to make a formal departure from the community.

I haven't loaded these forums in probably a year now, and have also been very inactive in the chat groups. Partly due to time restraints, and honestly, mostly because I am too lazy.

My time in this community marks one of the best times of my life, and I love each and every one of you (metaphorically :P). I've been here during the release of both Volume 3 and 4, the formation of the Moderation group, and since the first introduction posts of most, if not all, of the current active users. Its been a great adventure from beginning to end, and I trust it will continue on to the far future.

And just to clarify, this does not mean I will abandon Dreamkeepers entirely. I will always be looking for news and updates, and any way to support and spread it to others. It is just that I will no longer be on these forums or chat groups, and honestly you won't notice any changes.

To Dave and Liz; You have created a wonderful world and a community to go with it. I was first drawn here by a commission you drew, that a friend showed to me. Unfamiliar with the name "Dreamkeepers", I looked it up, and was hooked just by reading the first few pages. I would not call myself a 'furry' even, but your art and style just struck a chord in me, as it does with everyone. Thank you for that moment, I will not have another like it.

Ugh, this is sounding really mushy-lovey now. Anyways, take care of the community guys, keep those crazies in line. Thanks for the fun times everybody, I'll see you around.

-God of Velcro; The Biggest Rip-Off

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Kirito2/3/16 3:49am
It was great having your here and on the telegram/skype chat! Here's to a great 3 years, and to a fantastic future. May your Velcro never come undone :^)

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ZycantAlpha2/3/16 8:05am
We're gonna miss you dude. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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TeamDK2/3/16 10:03am
Be free, Velcro, and fly into the sunset to stuff. Thank you for the message of your departure. We're still here if you want to visit.

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joeden2/3/16 7:12pm
Nice to have you here. Have a good one :)

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Javelin2/3/16 7:18pm
It's nice you enjoyed your stay here farewell and good luck! :)

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Ferrous2/4/16 7:43am
Sorry to see you go.

Good luck on your future endeavors!

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Prometheus2/4/16 10:59am
Awww, sad to see you go. :(

Best of luck to you, man. Our door is always open should you want to come back. :D

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BryanDimmsdale2/4/16 10:11pm

When I first enter the forums, you were one of those people who welcomed me. I've never see the day that the person who said the first hello will say the last goodbye (insert cheesy line here), at least in my perspective.

But besides the jokes, Velco, you're one of the best forum members I've met so far. Your theories, conspiracies, opinions, and insights, they're really well thought of and I'll remember that. You're fun to talk with in the story discussion threads when we formulate theories and such stuff.

Dude, we will miss you. And we will open the doors for you when you get back.:')

P.S. I always wonder where you'd get that Sumo meme? XD

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TalkedSpy2/6/16 9:21pm

*gives hug - salutes*

Take care Velcro. Farewell until, by any chance, we'll cross paths one day.....hopefully. ;)

Also, eat potatoes. Just eat em. ;3

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