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Subscribe to this thread Faction War! created by ZycantAlpha on January 24, 2016

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ZycantAlpha3/1/16 8:48am
By the way, as some people were concerned about how to make announce which teams they're on.
The Survey:

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ZycantAlpha3/1/16 11:04pm
Troika takes the win. Not too surprising, but good job nonetheless guys!

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Reagent3/1/16 11:18pm
A valiant effort Grunnts! Fermentae for everyone!

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Dawonguy3/2/16 5:05pm
If I wanted one of the free books, I would have joined Troika because, as we all knew, it was the obvious choice from the get go to the most fans. That said, I regret absolutely nothing about joining and making memes about team Grunn (as well some trash talking while I was with Neon Knives). I didn't really care much about getting a book, and I had much more fun with the other factions.

"But in the end, following Grunn proved to be a drunken, fun, unhinged ticket to failure. ...Which somehow seems entirely appropriate, now that I think about it." ~Dave
I wouldn't really call team Grunn a failure as we were the runner-up to the obvious winner and more importantly, had a lot of if not the most fun.

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Javelin3/2/16 8:37pm
Darn I didn't knew the faction contest was to close today XD
Meh oh well maybe next time!

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Reagent3/2/16 9:06pm
I love how shameless the Grunnts have remained.. even AFTER the contest

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Javelin3/3/16 6:15pm
Are the posts still their?

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Ferrous3/3/16 6:50pm
pretty much all over the Twitter & such.

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Kirito3/4/16 3:26am
Long live TeamGrunn. Even as a CCA Opp you can't help but admire their foolhardy determination!

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Reagent3/4/16 11:18am
I love how everyone was at least partially rooting for us

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Reagent3/4/16 11:19am
You guys were fun competitors. We should do it again some time

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Scottieboy20203/4/16 3:32pm
Oh, is it over?

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ZycantAlpha3/4/16 7:48pm
Yeah, it ended a few days ago.

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Scottieboy20203/5/16 7:51am
That escalated quickly.

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ZycantAlpha3/5/16 11:01am
Well, the survey was only up for a day.

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