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Subscribe to this thread Faction War! created by ZycantAlpha on January 24, 2016

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Javelin2/13/16 1:36pm
Would igragh authorize the weaponizing of the child stomper? hide your kids hide your wife! He is horny and OP!:0

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Scottieboy20202/13/16 10:46pm
Strategically, the Child Stomper is a brainless brute. the stupidity is what makes him weak enough to not quite count as OP. However, your point is valid, but I don't think Igrath would have much choice...

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Dawonguy2/17/16 6:47pm
Call Grunn what you want but I am having a great time in team Grunn between the memes and sheer absurdity that this alcoholic, child-stomping, land-shark is our mascot.

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Reagent2/17/16 6:53pm
I am so glad this is now a thing..

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Scottieboy20202/17/16 7:19pm
Dawonguy, is there actully a Grunn faction that i didnt know about? or is that just a joke?
...i dont know, but what I do know is

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Reagent2/17/16 7:46pm
Yes.. #TeamGrunn is actually a faction. Check Twitter

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Javelin2/17/16 10:19pm
Whah!? My vision must be failing me! D:
But although Grunn did turned out to be a bit of a good responsible care taker at some points in the prelude and GNS

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Hakuzo2/18/16 7:28pm
Yeah, I may have had a small push with #TeamGrunn on Twitter.

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Scottieboy20202/23/16 5:50pm
I don't do twitter or social media at all... Never saw much of a point in it.

I wonder is there a #TeamNamah? I feel there should be.

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TalkedSpy2/24/16 8:28am
Do we have to announce our team on Twiiter to make it count or what?

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Scottieboy20202/24/16 6:31pm
Again, I don't do social media so I wouldn't be the one to ask.

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Javelin2/28/16 5:41pm
I forgot to add that Grunn has plot armor lol

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Scottieboy20202/28/16 5:56pm
What does that mean?
I clearly need to update my vocabulary, all the stuff I didn't understand today... XD

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Reagent2/29/16 6:44am
Dave is pretty active on social media so posting Dreamkeepers stuff on any of them is a good way to get his attention. Twitter seemed to work for me.. Also Vote Team Grunn.

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Reagent2/29/16 10:15pm
The Game is on, Gentlemen! Carry Team Grunn and the Grunnts to victory!

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