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Subscribe to this thread Faction War! created by ZycantAlpha on January 24, 2016

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ZycantAlpha1/24/16 11:15pm
OK, so for those of you who weren't able to attend last Thursday's chat and haven't seen Dave's twitter feed or the video he put out: there's a sort of contest that's just begun to build attention for DreamKeepers. Essentially, pick a faction (Troika, CCA, Nightmares, or Neon Knives) and tweet about it, attempting to draw others to join your faction using sharp-sign (yes. Sharp-sign. I don't care what they call it, I'm a former musician and it's a sharp sign to me, not a "hashtag" - but I'm rambling) Dreamkeepers.

If I remember correctly, the faction with the most followers will get a copy of Vol. 1, but I could be wrong. Either way, good luck and let's see how many people we can draw in!


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Dawonguy1/25/16 7:26pm
Troika seemed like the obvious choice, but the Knives did make a compelling argument. Realistically, I don't think I would be the street gang type, but if it's all in good fun, I could have a good time swearing my ass off. Or go an unexpected route with the CCA. (Everyone else may have strippers, but we have armor that actually covers all vital regions.)

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Dawonguy1/26/16 9:17pm
Screw it, joining the Neon Knives. Now where is the weed so I can smoke it at exactly 4:20?

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BryanDimmsdale1/27/16 9:25am
I'm with the CCA. I really don't know why, but for some reason I want to oppose the badasses, like the Troika. For me the Troika is awesome, I'll admit, but they're too "mary-sueish" or OP for me, I guess. And I really decided that CCA would defend the city from harm without any powers, whether it's Nightmares, Troika, or Neon Knives that stands in their way of service, provided that the higher order was not corrupted to Darkness.

Besides, what is the use of powers and halos if you got no strategies; never be dependent on them. For me, the mind and the planning of attack are the true powers.

That, and my Oc(s) are CCA Shocktroopers, lol. XD Also, the CCA reminds me of xcom

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Kirito1/27/16 6:40pm
I too pledge my allegiance to the CCA. Recruitment thread incoming!

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Prometheus1/28/16 10:04am
A thread full of punks and conformists could use a bit of guerilla justice. #Troika >:D

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Javelin1/30/16 5:08pm
time to mount the heads of dark forces, corrupted govs, and bath salt energized thug monsters on my spear gatling! #Troika XD

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Kymastrider2/1/16 7:30pm
I still dont know how this contest is suppose to work, how do are you suppose to join a faction, and where do you conform where you joined your faction?

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TeamDK2/1/16 8:31pm
Basically, there's a poll that's going to go up March 1st, giving the four factions as options, and the winning faction members with the most people (up to 500) receive free vol 1 editions. Until then, the goal is to encourage people and new readers to join your side and remind them to vote at the right time. Using hashtags in twitter is usually the way to go. You can also win books even if you're in a different faction by "winning awards" like for the most influential tweet, etc.

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Ferrous2/3/16 3:38pm
It's all about the Resistance, gang.

Troika 5 ever!

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dyingdutchman2/5/16 1:35am
i'm with the nightmares

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TalkedSpy2/6/16 9:28pm

*shoots dyingdutchman in the face*

#Troika for life. ;3

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Scottieboy20202/8/16 9:07pm
JEEZ, TalkedSpy!! XD
although, the Troika are also my choice. i feel that if the Nightmares do get the chance to launch a full-scale assault, the Troika will be the best equipped for the situation. The CCA has their armor and weapons, but if you know how to use your power and use it well, then there is not a force in the 'verse that can stop you. bring it on, nightmare scum. I have a pair of katanas with your names all over 'em.

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FoxPhantom2/9/16 10:20pm
Personally, I say for the #Troika :D

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Hakuzo2/13/16 1:29pm
#Troika has the best weapons. Seems #TeamGrunn is a thing too.

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