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Subscribe to this thread Dark Dreamkeepers created by Kymastrider on January 19, 2016

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Kymastrider1/19/16 5:44pm
Well I think its no secret as to what Dark Dreamkeepers are, and who in the story is one. You could probably figure out it was Dark Dreamkeepers in the government outlawing Power use and discouraging learning it so there be helpless when the nightmares come to slaughter them, and that Ravat at then end of volume 4 is now working for Void. That still doesn't answer the why to me. Why does someone become a Dark Dreamkeeper, and if there aware they plan to kill all the Dreamkeepers in the grand scheme of things which most likely includes them too. The thing I have to ask is why would anyone want to help kill off there entire Race. Which probably means sometime in the end there going to kill you too when they have no further use for you?

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Javelin1/20/16 6:12am
Well seeking instant fame and fortune and attention always has a cache for instance Tinsil sold herself out to the dark for just that

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BryanDimmsdale1/22/16 7:48am
I wish I could add something here, but it's a major spoiler if I did. I'll add the reason here if V4 becomes free and available for everyone.

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Prometheus1/22/16 12:11pm

O_o Well, gee, you're gonna have a long time to wait, then. Just make sure you let us know when you're dropping a spoiler at the top of your comment. ^^

Anyway, it would seem that most, if not all, of the Darks are under Nabonidus's thumb. Obviously, some of the Darks don't agree with whatever Nabonidus wants to accomplish if Tinsel's sabotage of Wisp's plan is any indication. We know that Nabonidus prefers to enslave the dreamkeepers while the Nightmares want to wipe them out. So, whatever the Darks do is all connected with whoever they serve within the Nightmares.

The current list of Darks we know (excluding V4 for now) and their assumed roles:
Ravat - sadistic killer and hitman; assigned to track down Mace and awaken his Power.
Tinsel - politician and influential music idol; assigned with manipulating the masses and the political sector.
Wisp - psychopath; assigned to carry out special tasks.
O'Naicul - street clan leader; assigned to carrying out tasks within the criminal underworld.

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SuperTurbo41/30/17 5:53am
Well, it looks like we have Dark Dreamkeepers in the Andaruna law enforcement.

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Prometheus1/30/17 10:09am

Indeed. Captain Antioch and the head of prosecution, Haeginsworth, is in on Nabonidus's plans.

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ZycantAlpha1/30/17 4:38pm
Well, Tinsel's sabotage might be for a different reason. We're talking about a group which is, in general, self-interested. It could be that Tinsel could have believed that if she managed to impress Nabonidus enough that she'd be his right-hand woman, and as such have power in the world of slaves.

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Prometheus2/2/17 2:41pm
Hmmm, that could be, but now we have to think about Ravat's part in this. He now realizes Nabonidus is weak and Mace is the key to regaining his strength. Now, where Ravat was originally supposed to capture Mace, he intends to murder him. We have two Darks who have cocked things up when it comes to Mace's capture and manipulation. Whether Tinsel knows as much about Mace's importance as Ravat does or not, that remains to be seen. It could be just foul play towards Wisp, like you said.

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