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Subscribe to this thread Civilization V Plans created by ST34LTH on January 17, 2016

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ST34LTH1/17/16 10:36am
A'ight, so there has been talks and loose plans, about stacking up a game of civilization 5 for the folk of the DK community, for some time now. Since we lost oversight and seem to have a hard time figuring out when and how to do it, I opted for making this thread.

Anyone can join, but we would of course appreciate some dedication to the game, so that it doesn't drag on for too long. The criteria for joining is still to be settled on, but we might make the expansion packs a must (this has come up in talks, but was never fully settled upon). If people have suggestions or demands regarding the game, please feel free to air them here. On top of that, I'd like for all who want to join the game to either message me: here, on steam or on one of our Telegram chats, so that I can add you to the roster.

The Current Roster:
Potato Fox
Spore Fox
Fiskerton Fero

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