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Dreamkeepers Forums - Hiatus? What Hiatus? Wait I've been gone for how long!?!?

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Subscribe to this thread Hiatus? What Hiatus? Wait I've been gone for how long!?!? created by RashallVetkay on January 12, 2016

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RashallVetkay1/12/16 9:24pm
I cannot even remember when I was last on here lol, though I could probably check my profile >_>

Needless to say I'm going to be back on here for a good while, if I can remind myself to log in that is haha.

For those wondering I've been fine had a good holiday break, had a break up, and currently landed a new job. I have read the latest book and must say I'm ready for the next one already haha.

Hope to see you all around the site!

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Prometheus1/12/16 9:32pm
Hey, welcome back. ^_^ I am so stoked for the next book myself and I know it's a couple years away still. XD

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ZycantAlpha1/12/16 9:35pm
Welcome back dude!

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Kirito1/13/16 2:35am
Welcome back!

Awesome to hear about the new job+reading the latest book! We'd love to have you in the discussion thread.

See you around!

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MobileCrusader1/13/16 9:36am
yo dude.

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