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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers-Patreon created by Kymastrider on January 7, 2016

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Kymastrider1/7/16 2:16pm
I'm going to create a forum thread for the discussion of the DK patreon. You should know Dave has already pre-announced the Patreon on his newsletters and DA journals.

I just thought I'd create another place to discuss it as we all know our funds will help support the development of Volume-5. As I am so excited we should discuss the benefits of Patreon as well as the other bonuses it will bring.

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Prometheus1/7/16 8:53pm
This is a bold move by the Lillie's. This should help prepare for V5's release. Add it up with the next KS and they should have more than enough money to cover costs and have something left over to maybe do something fun for the community. ^^

Maybe this Patreon will lead to some more restocked inventory, animated commercials, maybe even weekly Prelude return.

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Kobalt951/7/16 10:45pm
I will definitely become a Patron for this one. :D

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MobileCrusader1/13/16 9:40am
I have no plans to donate to the Patreon since I do not like the company.
If i want to donate money to Dave I will just buy GNS stuff and give it away.

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Prometheus1/13/16 10:09am

I personally don't like the company either as far as sleazy artists using it as a paywall rather than a tip jar or fundraiser is concerned.

But, I am all for Patreon being used for long-term projects like Dreamkeepers getting the funding they need to become reality and be released for everyone, which is what the site was meant for.

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ezioauditore971/13/16 4:03pm
Dave and Liz work their butts off to make the best story possible and I see no problem with pledging to help them live on a day-to-day basis in-between books. They're very honest with us readers and I doubt they'd misappropriate the funds like a rare few other artists on there might.

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Prometheus1/15/16 5:08pm

It has begun. Head on over and give your green paper sacrifices to our lords. XD

If you do, we could be looking at a LOT of fun stuff in the future besides the novels. ;)

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RashallVetkay1/15/16 5:35pm
I would love to support it but I don't have the money to.

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Animefan181/16/16 9:51pm
But now the question is when dave releases the rewards will it be available for patrons only or be on avaible for everyone

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Prometheus1/16/16 10:21pm

Patrons should only get what they pledged for. Dave's Patreon is for funding their projects and self-employment. Projects will be released to everyone and patrons will get rewarded for whatever is under their pledge amount. But, the Lillie's have given permission for patrons to share their rewards freely, unlike most artists who don't give permission and flip out as soon as they hear of patrons leaking content.

Sooooo, rewards are technically for the patrons, but it's up to the patrons to decide if they want to share.

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RashallVetkay1/16/16 10:23pm
Yeah if I remember the video correctly they don't mind if the patrons share what they see or not.

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Animefan181/16/16 11:05pm
Oh i guess i didn't notice that while watching their video, thanks guys

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GPedde1/17/16 8:31am
Really don't care about the reward aspect of Patreon all that much.

I mostly just want to support Dave and Liz and do my part to help give them the ability to live comfortably while they continue to pump out amazing work for us. They've been incredibly generous to their fan base since day one, and I admire and respect them so much for that.

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Kirito1/18/16 3:54pm
I will be supporting the Patreon. To me it's less about the rewards and more about contributing to an artist that I really love. If I'm being honest, the rewards aren't fantastic but if it means expediting new volumes and extras like games and prints, it's a no-brainer.

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Prometheus5/12/16 8:53am
We have officially reached part-time status on Patreon. :D Now, onward to full-time status!

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