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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4 is LIVE! created by Prometheus on January 6, 2016

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Prometheus1/6/16 10:56pm
All right, peeps! Volume 4 has officially gone live to the public!

Get your copy here at Vivid's store:

Good job to the KS crowd on a job well done. ^^

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TalkedSpy1/8/16 9:36pm

The Hardcover Prelude Collections are in Amazon now?! YESSSS!!!! FINALLY!!!! <3

.....Now I need to set up an Amazon account......and get a Visa debit card.....with $60 in i-wait, SIXTY DOLLARS!? OH COME ON!!! UGH! WHY DOES MY FAMILY GET LOW INCOME?!?!? >_<

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Kirito1/11/16 3:00pm

I'm really excited for everyone that hasn't read it; and even more excited to have the chance to discuss it more!

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Animefan181/15/16 5:34pm
Hard choice to choose between digital or physical copy.

So i made a list (this was necessary):

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ZycantAlpha1/16/16 8:11pm
I think you showed us the wrong list, Anime.

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Animefan181/16/16 11:31pm
oops, that's for someone I have trapped in the basement (don't tell anyone)

But jokes aside don't know if i get either digital or physical

Phys: doodle in book from dave and a little expensive

Digit: low priced but no 'autograph' from dave

To me tough choice

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TalkedSpy1/17/16 12:16pm


But, it really depends though your preference and budget though. I got both the physical and digital from the kick starter, but to put it on short, if you get digital, you can pay for it cheaply, download it quickly, and just view it whenever possible, little time. Con is that there could be technical issues with trouble downloading or viewing it,'s pretty much just the digital version of the standard novels.

For physical, it's more expensive, fragile, and there could be complications when it arrives through the mailing process (ex. getting damaged by rip, tear, cuts, fluids, etc.). You'll also have to properly maintain the condition of the book, and not let it get damaged too much. Pros are that you have a novel that is signed by the creators themselves, which is VERY valuable in terms, and feels like you have something that stands out from the rest. You can also jump back to whenever you left off in a snap, and it's very simple to use.

There's also a doodle in there, A CUTE, LITTLE DOODLE BY MR. LILLIE HIMSELF! <3

*cough* Bookbook *cough*

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Connorses2/27/16 11:05am
I just bought the PDF yesterday because I'm a cheap bastard and I read the entire thing even though I had to stay up late because it was AMAZING

and then I was sad because there was no more comic

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