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Subscribe to this thread Anduruna After the Third War created by Prometheus on December 31, 2015

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Prometheus12/31/15 11:46pm
This is somewhat like the Sequel Theories thread, but this is more based on appearances.

What do you think Anduruna will look like after the Third War is over? What kind of damage will have been done to the city? How much of a mess will it be in?

I kind of imagine Anduruna looking like war-torn Nepal in Uncharted 2. Crumbling, bombed-out buildings, littered streets, groundcars rammed into building walls, busted sewer and water lines, flames covering the roads. I would think the city would probably be in a constant state of civil war, with multiple factions fighting for control, thus leading to widespread urban destruction.

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wildcard1/1/16 7:24am
I think its kind of a given that there will be some big, destructive battle by the end involving some sort of stand at the radial wall and probably the destruction of the center towers.

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Javelin1/3/16 11:14am
They're wont be any shortage in government false propaganda
And as well as plagues

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PowerButton1/4/16 9:47am
I think there would be less violence between survivors at first, they would have all just united against one common enemy. There would be a period of cooperation and reconstruction in order to regain stability. This time would come to an end though, like what Prometheus suggested, sections of Anduruna would be rebuilt and somewhat stable, but smaller factions like gangs would squabble amongst each other on the outskirts of these civilized areas. Then, there would be some kind of larger conflict, overshadowing everything, two sides. One may want to push for the old government's return, feeling it's time to official put one figure back in charge. The other, comprised of those who disliked the past political system, would push for maybe something more democratic.

Now, in the case of appearance, I think the inner most circle of the city, assuming the towers don't come down, would be the cradle of order. The people living there are gentler, not as hot headed, and understand how a society runs. The buildings would show signs of previous conflict, but the peoples within them would have them patched up the best they can. There would also be a heavier military presence in this zone, with staging areas, fortifications, patrols, etc.
The zones would become less monitored and orderly the further to the wall you traveled. At the outer most edges, buildings would be only crude shelters and fighting would be constant. The already ruined city limits would be constantly blown away and hastily rebuilt by those who possessed the area.

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Javelin1/4/16 9:26pm
Or maybe a theocracy putting the spirits in charge you know putting prayer (not religion) in the system though religion in the dream world may be used as a guide
But it may take a long time for almost all people of Anduruna to realize how to know which is which and to coop with the struggles and understand that it's not the old world order that's the problem but evil organizations trying to make the old world order look bad.

(Sorry if my reply was a bit off)

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PowerButton1/5/16 4:43pm
I get it, you're suggesting that in the larger conflict the two sides don't both support the same styles of "government". One believes that the divine should rule over the dominion and the other believes that the mortal should take control of their own destinies. I think that's a more realistic idea actually. It's very similar to today's conflicts. Gangs would fight for control and resources obviously, maybe even aline with one of the two larger parties. Don't worry your reply was clear as crystal.

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Javelin1/5/16 5:13pm
Thanks I just didnt wanted to bore or trouble anyone with my strange idea

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