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Aman371212/28/15 8:50am
After a while of thinking and analyzing the deep lore of the DK universe, me and Zev have created a theory that could possibly explain many things in the story, as well as answer mysteries in its lore. Now, this could contain major potential spoilers for volume 5 and beyond, so read at your risk.


This theory here entails Powers, where they come from, and what makes Mace’s Power the “Power of the century” that it’s hyped up to be. The first part of the theory is that DreamKeepers did not always have Powers, and that this is how Nightmares ran amok before. We’ve seen a great disparity in the supposed danger of Nightmares vs. how an empowered dreamkeeper can handle them. Since in the time before being banned in Anduruna, Powers were widespread and trained openly, this makes it difficult to see how Nightmares were so dangerous when Powers were once so widespread. Unless the Nightmares have degenerated in strength, how could they have so overwhelmingly overpowered ancient dreamkeepers?

...Unless the original dreamkeepers did not have Powers.

Since we know that Nightmares are unnatural invaders to the Dream World, it might be that Powers did not exist before them. After all, what else in the Dream World could possibly necessitate them? It could therefore be that Powers were not originally native to the dreamkeeper race, but were instead bestowed upon them. And who could bestow them upon the dreamkeepers besides the Spirits? This theory holds that the Spirits observed the suffering of the dreamkeepers at the hands of the Nightmares, and bestowed Powers upon them in order to stand a chance. This could be why worship of the Spirits has been said to enhance one’s Power: in this theory, Spirits were the original source of Powers.

This theory could also explain Nabonidus’s reasoning for influencing Anduruna’s Power regulations, as well as its Springer laws. As we already know, Nightmares can regenerate, but it is a very slow process. If you compare Dreamkeepers today to the Dreamkeepers back then, not only have they advanced in technology and weaponry, but have also had thousands of years to use their powers. If anything, the Nightmares would me massively underpowered compared to Dreamkeepers today. This would explain why Nabonidus influenced the power regulations in Anduruna, so that when the Nightmares make their invasion, they wouldn't have to deal with power users or weapons.

What, then, could Mace’s Power be? Well, this is inspired by a series I (Yorki) have read. The Power Mace was granted could, in fact, be the Power to rescind and grant Powers. It could be that his Power allows him to take someone’s Power, use it for himself, and then bestow it on someone else. Theoretically, in an environment where no one knows their Powers, it would almost seem like he had no Power even if he used it. This, too, could explain why he intrigues Nabonidus — the Power to take a Power away, and give it to someone else would be an immense boon to the Nightmare cause. It could allow him to neuter enemy dreamkeepers, and strengthen his own forces.

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Kirito12/29/15 4:04pm
Alright so I'm going to start with your theory that original Dreamkeepers did not have powers.

"Ancient Times"- History.
"Warfare was a way of life for the ancients. Remnants of weapons dating to this period show a rudimentary grasp of metallurgy, but the weapon of choice would have been powers use for a culture lacking in technological advancements."

This statement supports the idea that Dreamkeepers did in fact possess powers before the Nightmares came to be, during the Silent Centuries.

Your theory: "The first part of the theory is that DreamKeepers did not always have Powers, and that this is how Nightmares ran amok before."

The reason why Nightmares ran rampant was because the Spirits of Order were removed.
Take a look (src. v4 pg113):

"Command for us the spirits and remove their hand from upon the gate. Drawing a Circle of Calling, Nabonidus took two Dreamkeepers alike from their mother, and summoned into them the Spirits of Order. And the Radiance thereof did full them. Trapped therein, Order was lost from the gate, and the [Nightmares] came forth without number, like the sands of the beaches, like the locusts upon the fields. And Void was with them, and among them."

Now, we've only seen Dreamkeepers face one Nightmare at a time, which in of itself poses a minimal threat. However, according to this excerpt, the Nightmare Horde was unleashed upon this relatively primitive Dreamkeeper society "without number" with insinuates that it was an army so large it was beyond comprehension. This army, when put up against the Dreamkeepers of that day, would have been easily defeated. This is described in the passage mentioned beforehand:

"...and every strong place was made weak and every wall was brought low. All were put to the sword, man woman and child. The remnants fled towards Logos, to take refuge with the power of the Spirits."

When Void left the slaughter in the hands of Serapis and Arazu, Serapis turned against Void when she witnessed the fear and worship of the Dreamkeepers. Because of this, Nabonidus killed Arazu and consumed him. This led straight into the Silent ages when Nabonidus forbid all writing "whereupon he removed their hand."

Back to your theory: "This would explain why Nabonidus influenced the power regulations in Anduruna, so that when the Nightmares make their invasion, they wouldn't have to deal with power users or weapons."

That would make sense- except for the fact that Nabonidus didn't influence the power regulation. In fact, power use was banned quite recently in 1201 AD following the fallguard tournament massacre. This is only 26 years prior to the beginning of the GNS, 1227 AD. That means anyone born before 1201 AD would have some degree of power experience, making an intentional effort to ban power use to benefit nightmares almost useless because in that period of time many people still have experience using their power (Even those after the ban are good with their power. See the Neon Knives Gang).

And finally, Mace's power.

Based on your theory, Mace could use his power to take and give powers. Therein lies a problem with your theoretical situation- he in fact is surrounded by people that know how to use their power. Lilith, Namah, and Bast have used their power. In v4, he is surrounded by the Troika that obviously can use their power well. In addition, if he ever was using his power then a halo would appear, which never does. Now, it is plausible that his power is this so that portion of the theory is still wide open.

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Aman371212/29/15 4:18pm
I wanted to go about explaining my reasoning in the theory, but it seems that you've already obliterated it.

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Kirito12/29/15 7:29pm

Sorry, I saw a good theory and I just had to argue! xD
I hope my response is well versed and easy enough to understand.

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EngineerPearl05/18/16 12:08pm
Popping in to say this was a top quality theory, even if it was quickly destroyed.

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