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Subscribe to this thread Star Wars: the Force Awakens (spoiler warning) created by Kymastrider on December 20, 2015

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Kymastrider12/20/15 5:16pm
This is still pretty new since its still the first week it's out. But why dont we forget that the prequel trilogy forever tainted the star wars saga cause force awakens was great. I'm writing this on my phone so ill have to get back later. But I really wanted to get a discussion started.

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TheDeadlyFB12/21/15 8:10am
Yep, watched last friday. Pretty good in my honest opinion. Though the last part of the movie felt like a bit of a repeat of the first movie. Not that I mind too much, it was fun regardless.

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Lycanphoenix12/23/15 10:57pm
I particularly like the scene at the beginning when they stole the Tie Fighter: Buttons to change firing modes, stick on the right to aim, triggers to fire. Sounds strangely familiar.

All in all, J. J. Abrams is a genius; Fringe, Super 8, Almost Human, the 2009 Star Trek film and Star Trek: Into Darkness were all equally awesome, and now he can add Star Wars to his list of accomplishments.

Did you know that J. J. Abrams had never seen an episode of any Star Trek show before he started working on the 2009 film?

Another fun fact: The X-Wings in Star Wars Episode VII were actually designed in Space Engineers; if you look carefully during the aerial fights, you can actually see Conveyor blocks.

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ZycantAlpha12/26/15 11:00pm
"The last bit?" I kinda felt the entire movie was basically a retread of A New Hope. You're right that the movie was good, but...there were way too many parallels for it to be considered a unique movie.

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Kobalt9512/27/15 12:18am
It was very good, although definitely a re imagining of Episode IV. However, I can completely understand why they would go such a route. Disney and Abrams wanted to bring in the older fans who were obviously going to be skeptical after the Prequels, so they stuck with what they knew worked and used imagery and characters they knew people would like. (They were leaning very heavily on nostalgia, that's for sure.) We just have to hope that the next movies will be something completely new and done right, unlike the Prequels, which were something completely new done wrong. They played it safe this time, but next time they should try to tread new ground.

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Kymastrider12/27/15 12:21am
One thing I was starting to get sick of was people like yahtzee from zero punctuation acting like just because the prequels were bad that every new star wars movie for the rest of time is destined to be god awful. which I don't think is true at all.

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FoxPhantom12/27/15 6:28am
The movie was good, At first I thought it was going to rehash everything.
But, it seemed like it really did put a good twist into it.

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