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Subscribe to this thread Christmas is Aprotching created by Aman3712 on December 20, 2015

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Aman371212/20/15 10:43am
It's that time of year when people all over get together and enjoy the Holliday. It's that time of year where people put aside their sorrows and troubles to enjoy the presence of their friends and family. It's that time of year when gifts are given and chrises trees are filled.

I'll be honest, I'm far from perfect. But I still want to enjoy Christmas with the DK community. So I made this thread for people to talk about what they love most about Christmas and their plans on celebrating it :D

For example, I'm giving everyone in my family gifts from my work and plan on seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my Dad and brother!

That beig said, Merry Christmas to the community! :D

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Javelin12/20/15 2:40pm

Well said buddy! :)

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Aman371212/20/15 2:43pm

Indeed :D

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Hakuzo12/20/15 8:04pm
My holidays are always ruined by family x.x

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Javelin12/21/15 12:39pm
Oh sorry to here, how if you don't mind me asking?

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MobileCrusader12/21/15 3:04pm
>celebrating the holiday
Any happiness that this time of year could have ever brought me is ruined by my family.

Also Christmas is over rated.

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Prometheus12/22/15 10:06am
A very Merry Christmas to all. ^^ Gonna try and give my mom something she's been wanting, even if it is a bit out of my price range ($20 dollars being the max range on what she's wanting; yeah, we're THAT poor; but then again I could be over-exaggerating, since what she wants shouldn't really cost much). As for me, not expecting anything more than clothes. I'll probably take a hundred dollars out for a few Steam gift cards after Christmas. ^^;


Family gatherings for the holidays are an iffy proposition, especially if you live with a chaotic family that doesn't get along with each other for whatever reasons. Sometimes, even the spirit of the holidays and the true meaning of Christmas isn't enough to get family to love and enjoy one another's presence.

Still, hope you can find some joy out of the celebration. XP That goes of everyone. :D

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