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Subscribe to this thread Are Nightmares Really a Threat? created by Aman3712 on December 10, 2015

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Aman371212/10/15 10:03am
After thinking about it for a while, I really don't see how Nightmares are a threat. I'm mean, Nabby and Void are insanely powerful and absolutely terrifying alone, but i'm just talking about Nightmares. I can understand that a nightmare would be absolutely terrifying for a DK who hasn't activated their power yet, but against a DK with an awakened power? Not really at all.

Imagine it like this. Let's say you were playing the game Amnesia. It's terrifying because it gives the player a deep lack of hope, as well as a threat that they cannot deal with easily at all. Now, let's give the player an AK-47. I can imagine the game would become a lot less scare at that point.

The same thing in DK, accept you have people who have crazy powers and could potentially slaughter a horde of Nightmares. Believe me, I want to like the Nightmares, and i want to be afraid of them, but how could you be when the DKs are obviously stronger than them. Again, i'm excluding Nabby and Void, since they could be the strongest characters in the story.

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TheDeadlyFB12/10/15 6:11pm
Well, when you put it that way, it does seem like the nightmares are at a disadvantage.
But consider this, most of the population are completely oblivious that they are returning, so they still have the element of surprise.

Also, (though this is just speculation) who knows if some nightmares don't have some crazy powers of their own? I mean, we've only seen two nightmares in action (haven't read Vol. 4 yet, by the way), so who knows?

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Aman371212/10/15 7:10pm
Good point!

I just felt this way from the information that was given about Nightmares as of now. Such as Smiley when he was attacking the gang. He started as a massive threat towards the group and almost killed Lilith. But when she popped her power, Smiley was killed very quickly.

With Tendril though, he's a lot more intimidating, and Nabby and Void are probably several thousands tiers higher than any other Nightmare.

But yeah, I feel that the Nightmares have a lot of potential in become a lot more dangerous and threatening. I can agree that they're already a great threat against the poor civilians of Anduruna.

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ezioauditore9712/10/15 8:28pm
Tendril is Nabby's ace in the hole so it figures that he would be especially powerful,but honestly when you think about that Dreamkeepers do have their powers (With a few now having springers) even despite the surprise element. The DKs are animals so they have really uncanny survival instincts after all!

Aside from the Dreamkeepers getting their butts kicked before the silent centuries it really does seem like the nightmares aren't as all-powerful as they're hyped up to be right now although we shall wait and see,eh?

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Aman371212/11/15 9:07am
We shall see :)

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dyingdutchman12/11/15 9:46am
dreamkeepers can't respawn, nightmares kinda can, sort of.

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Prometheus12/11/15 10:34pm
It's really hard to say. The dreamkeepers were nearly wiped out a long time ago by the Nightmares and it's safe to assume they were aware of their existence back then, yet they were still overwhelmed. Now that most dreamkeepers believe Nightmares to be myth and powers have since been outlawed, I'd say an invasion now would be a flawless genocide for the Nightmares.

On the other hand, we don't know how many Nightmares there really are. They could have had to use tactics and strategies in order to surprise their enemies back in the olden days, since they maybe low in numbers. And, even now in the present day, with the City Guard and the Troika posing a threat, the Nightmares may have to plan carefully instead of rushing right in if they want to successfully capture Andurura and wipe out its populace.

As it stands, we don't yet know what the Nightmares plan to do. Currently, the leadership is contested between Nabonidus and Void, so the Nightmares are left to twiddle their thumbs/appendages. The Nightmares are clearly dependent on some kind of a leader. Otherwise, they would have resumed the war after they had replenished themselves from whatever stopped the executions long ago.

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MobileCrusader12/12/15 9:22am
Dont forget that Dave has mentioned that the flow of nightmares into the dreamworld has a maximum per amount of time, and that they have had ages to martial forces at this point.

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Prometheus12/14/15 2:01pm

I wasn't aware of that. So, they all can't just pour into the Dreamworld at once. That would make controlling their entry into the Dreamworld easier if the dreamkeepers could gain the upper hand and find out where they're coming from.

And, I was aware that they spent a long time regenerating. I just figured those who regenerated first would try to continue the fight even if their numbers were limited.

To bring up a touched on point, since the Nightmares are invincible and just keep regenerating after death, they will always come back to attack dreamkeepers. Unless there is a way to seal off the Dreamworld from Bralgu, they will always be a threat in some capacity.

But, there is a possibility of a "Goultard" scenario. That would be too simple, though.

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Aman371212/25/15 3:38pm
Hm... I think it makes the Nightmares look a bit tedious and annoying. I mean, I can see how them regenerating can made them a bit of a threat, but the fact that their regeneration time is really slow only gives the Dreamkeepers and advantage, since they can use that time to advance in strength, technology, and weaponry. The nightmares regeneration also seems a bit pointless is the Nightmares have no special abilities that actually make them a threat against the Dreamkeepers. Otherwise, the Nightmares serve no other purpose but to act as weakling grunts for Nabby and Void to do dirty work for them. Speaking of which..... sweet Jesus I came up with a theory.

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Prometheus12/26/15 11:16pm

Well, I think Nightmare regeneration all depends on how they die and how much of their body is left to be regenerated. It seems like all the Nightmares were completely vaporized in one swift attack way back and that's why it took them so long to regenerate and rebuild.

You do bring up a valid point about Nightmare abilities and their roles. Many Nightmares, possibly most, may not have powers like the dreamkeepers do. Nightmares may only be able to rely on their strength and cunning to attack a dreamkeeper and come out on top. Because of this disadvantage, Nightmares are probably being used for either very specific tasks or mere distractions so one of the current contested leaders can carry out their plan.

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Aman371212/29/15 7:58pm
Come to think of it... Monsters like Nightmares have been done a lot.

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Hakuzo1/4/16 9:29pm
Look at it this way. The nightmares are largely doing what they want without leadership. So while the DKs think they are safe in their town, that's far from the truth. The problem is the government and thrm hiding something or possibly being paid off in some way.

The nightmares have people on the inside doing their work. Slowly rotting the system from inside out.

So no, on their own nightmares are not a problem one on one. The nightmares can play a waiting game that DKs can't.

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