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Dreamkeepers Forums - Infinity Ch.1 - Who is Who?

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Subscribe to this thread Infinity Ch.1 - Who is Who? created by AlphaMoron on December 9, 2015

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 12:42pm
Height is up to you and what you want your character to be. Dice determine the things that we often tend to godmod

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PowerButton12/12/15 12:44pm
Does the twenty five count for everything you listed above: speed, equipment number/strength, currency, speed, etc.?

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 12:47pm
It may come in handy, but for now we only need the dice numbers individually, so it would be 10 strength, 6 item(this number depends on what you put in starting items) and 9 speed. if my character was a large bird (igrath type) I would be pretty tough, but as a smaller character, I would do best sneaking around.

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PowerButton12/12/15 1:06pm
Grazi, let's give this a shot

Name- Nathan

Physical Appearance- (Pic see account) Long ears with an acute sense of hearing, Long, shaggy, and almost lemur like tail. Slender legs (similar to Vi's). Body color is primarily tan, except for chest and tip of tail where it's yellow. Hair is blonde and sticks strait out over turquoise eyes. Mainly wears jeans rolled up by his feet and a collard green jacket which includes padding around the elbows.

Emotional/Personality- Curious and stubborn, does't take warnings seriously

Equipment- A small camera attached to a strap and miniature tripod

Background Info- Due to a sheltered childhood existence, he now has vowed to see ALL of Anduruna and the Dreamworld beyond

Other Info- Power is temporary insanity, will rarely bring that out
1 2 6 2 5
Total: 16

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PowerButton12/12/15 1:07pm
I am a weakling

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Javelin12/12/15 3:09pm

(Physical desc.) medium frame
(emotional desc.) aroused
(characteristics) maverick,under minding,
(starting items, up to 2) stone dagger and dads olds rusty mystery key
(background info) Javelin is a anti fashion and is more of the classic type of guy who seeks something beyond a regular school kid life and seeks something more active to be doing and be more of a just do it type of person and not talk about it type of guy
(additional info you might want to add. optional) he may become unstable if he sees crimson, violence, and may adopt those very dark methods he calls justified in order to get his point across but will only listen to his two friends Valkyrie and Brusilov as his override for his actions

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AlphaMoron12/13/15 12:33am
Make sure to roll dice, javelin. Also- don't worry power- you have one PIMPED camera apparently. Your sheltered life must have been wealthy.
Ok, I'll start writing the story up! Keep posting characters for now, and keep it ONE EACH at the moment! We can have more latr when the story is better developed

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TheDeadlyFB12/13/15 5:29am
Name: Zack

Physical appeareance: Medium body type, if a bit buff. Body color mostly dark brown. Eyes are green. Usually wears a leather jacket with blue jeams.

Personality: Adventurous and easy going, though a bit cocky. Loves a good fight.

Equipment: A data scroll.

Background info: Trained since childhood by his mother, he wishes to destroy everything nighmare related in the world. And if possible, get rich along the way.

Other: His power is black trendils coming out of his body.

4 2 5 6 4
Total: 21

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TheDeadlyFB12/13/15 5:31am
Yay, those dice rolls are good, right?

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Tab0opr0ph3t12/14/15 7:28pm
Ok so alphamoon I'm here like u asked and well I have no clue what I'm doin but yolo and all that. If I jack up and don't know it don't crucify me plz.

Name: Whisper

Phys desc: Sort of small and wispy if that makes sense. I'm around 4.6 and have little Presence makeing it easy to forget I'm there. Grey hair pale and pale blue eyes and skin.

Emotional desc: Abit quiet and tends to stay neutral in arguments. He speaks in very short sentences and has the mouth of a sailor when he does speak.

Characteristics: is skittish and will usually let the bigger boys (and girls) take care of things unless he absolutely must help. Always listens and has a perfect memory.

Items: has a long range (ehh slinger was it Alphamoon?) hidden away and takes it on his journeys. Has a small 4inch razor he has on him at all times.

Background info: grew up by himself on the street, this is what resulted in his slightly limited vocabulary. ( also explains why he know more curse words that normal words) is slow to trust and slower to befriend.
Aaaannnnd roll

3 2 5 2 3
Total: 15

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Tab0opr0ph3t12/14/15 7:33pm
XD My dice rolls are garbage

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AlphaMoron12/14/15 9:28pm
Ok, so I have thought a lot about how this story should go, and I want it to flow based on what happens, so let's begin now.

(deep inhale_ NOW!!!


ok, well let's go. no more jokes, no more questions, from now on- pm me if there is any questions or if you want to join. I will be updating the rules after this post :) good luck, and HAVE FUN!

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AlphaMoron12/14/15 9:53pm
Anduruna; the largest city in the dreamworld and home of the one and only...

Well, this isn't much of an introduction. Nathan. He hated his name, he hated Anduruna and he hated not being able to leave. What was he supposed to do? All of Nathan's somewhat short life he wanted to leave, to explore the fabled outer-walls. Fisherman always spoke of stories Pirates would share before killing captains, of wild monsters and treasure; thrilling tales of magic and mischief. All of the stories were clearly the most believable of stories, and ,given that, Nathan was in no way one to miss out on opportunity. Only question; where, when, and how was he going to do it? He wasn't strong (although pretty fast) and he had a decent amount of currency, but one doesn't buy their way out of Anderuna...


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Tab0opr0ph3t12/14/15 10:12pm
Mkay, and?

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Tab0opr0ph3t12/14/15 10:21pm
Just realized its Alphamoron not Alphamoon XD

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