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Dreamkeepers Forums - Infinity Ch.1 - Who is Who?

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Subscribe to this thread Infinity Ch.1 - Who is Who? created by AlphaMoron on December 9, 2015

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AlphaMoron12/9/15 4:40pm
I thought this up on a whim, so before it get's started feel free to throw out some ideas.
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^^ANYONE READING please be aware that we really want you to be involved! PLEASE pm me if you want to join, I want us to grow and have fun as we develop a great story. YOU ARE IMPORTANT, and even if you are new to roleplay, we are so so very joyed to welcome you! Thank you for reading!

**To start, Infinity will be an interactive story of roleplay and dice rolling depicting any number of characters going to discover the far reaches of the Dream World, and find the magic and treasures rumored to be hidden beyond the horizon of Anduruna's borders. Along the way, the group of strangers will deal with getting to know each other, nightmares, drama, and even death. Most importantly- The characters will face it all while learning to adapt at a young age. Almost all of the players' characters will start at a younger age and grow throughout the story. Don't think this is a just fight game either- there can be anything from love to hate, fighting to hugging(pda on a need-to-know basis plz) and more.

Hopefully as this progresses a stable community within this community can be established to help others unleash their creativity and personality!

Yes, there are rules. All forum rules obviously apply (duh) with a few additions.

1. Character Death.
Characters can die at anytime for any reason. A player's character will die if they are inactive over 6 months (it becomes tough at 6 weeks, so...) but there is going to be a way to come back if you ever want to, but don't join just to die again. That would be annoying. Characters cannot kill each other unless both agree and are ok with it. Characters will be given opportunities to roll and decide their fate, meaning the dice may cause character death. As the story teller, I will kill characters and bring them back as necessary. DON'T WORRY! You will be plenty informed if your character is going to die (except dice rolls).

2. Characters General**
Characters will not god-mod, will not give spoilers on the thread, and will not discuss anything other than the thread unless told to do so. Every player is allowed any number of characters as seen fit, but don't over do it and don't start cloning Mary Sue. Please. Players can use their own character and this story does not interfere with any other thread. This story has it's own cannon. Characters will be introduced only when seen fit. PM me if you want to join and I will arrange it.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Not go on a long back and forth tangent with someone. Character development is AWESOME but make each post long and descriptive and creative. This is a forum style RP, not IM (instant-message) style!

3. Dice
I hope by now you know this story will be using dice. The dice will be used to determine damage, enemy strength and numbers, prizes, boss levels, character attributes and much much more. To keep it fair, it is best to let something without a soul do the deciding. So, you know, not me. Cause I have a soul.
Get it?

The dice will be rolled according to this chart:
Character strength: 2
Character starting loot: 1
Damage: 2-3 (based on character strength)
Boss damage: 5
Loot: 1
Speed: 2
Enemy numbers: 1-3
Boss level: 5
Success rate: 1

And if anymore ideas are added, check for the next Rule Sheet Update.

Basically this is it, but please feel free to help out. I would like to participate as a player as well as tell the story (I won't be an important character at all and may die fast if it doesn't work), and it would be nice to have a moderator when I am not online. I may also go offline for a spell because of life, so I will also need a backup storyteller or two. For now this may be pointless, but ANYONE interested is very welcome to join. Until The story starts, feel free to post any suggestions of any sort.

**The story has started.

Now let the people begin not responding.... Muahahah!

oh, wait.

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Javelin12/9/15 6:50pm
Well I got to start somewhere I'm in

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PowerButton12/9/15 6:53pm
Allons-y! I'm in!

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AlphaMoron12/9/15 8:23pm
aight, so let's start with some rules. if you have any rules/ anything you DON'T want to see happen, list them here.

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PowerButton12/10/15 12:07pm
I am game for anything amigo

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TheDeadlyFB12/11/15 6:08am
I might want to join in, though I admit I feel a bit intimidated by that chart, but it probably is a lot less complicated than I think it is, right?

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AlphaMoron12/11/15 5:38pm
oh yes, not much rolling will happen outside of battle and character creation. dont be intimidated, cuz i have never done dice roll b4 anyways :3 lol

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 1:32am
Ok, I need to Get cracking at a decent plot for this first 'book' and a character, and we will get started soon!

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TheDeadlyFB12/12/15 3:55am
Welp, in that case, count me in on this too.

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Aman371212/12/15 7:09am
I may join this RP, since it looks really cool :D

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 12:27pm
ok, so I think to start, We should introduce a character and a friend or two (idk?) and as it goes on, I can help others get their characters in and maybe even throw my own in. For now, just post your character's name, description (personality, physical, etc), and roll 5 dice. The first two will be your strength. This is relative to your character as far as height and stature, but if you want your 2' character to be buff af, go ahead, but otherwise it means your 2' character is strong/weak compared to other similar characters. This will become clearer as we get better at it. The third die is what you start with. List up to two items (weapon, data scroll, tool etc...) and this will either determine the strength of the item(s), and/or how much currency to start with. The last two are your speed. Speed will make a huge difference when we eventually encounter enemies and bosses. Speed is also relative, but don't worry. It isn't going to make or break your character. This seems like a lot 0_0 but It'll make sense when you do it ok?

Let's begin!

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PowerButton12/12/15 12:34pm
How u roll dice? Do you need a physical one? don't know if chart spells this out for me, but what do certain numbers mean for us?

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 12:38pm
well, ok, to start, the dice roll button is right next to the "post" button. It states "Also roll [ 0] dice". just click the 0 and type in five. right above i explain what the first dice are for, and the others are going to be used later in the story to determine damage, effectiveness, enemy strangth and numbers, and boss levels.

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PowerButton12/12/15 12:39pm
Thanks, I'm guessing hight numbers are better, scale from 1-6 right?

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AlphaMoron12/12/15 12:40pm
My character is cool :3 I am not a spammer:3 This is just an example of what is happening:3

(Physical desc.)
(emotional desc.)
(starting items, up to 2)
(background info)
(additional info you might want to add. optional)
5 5 6 4 5
Total: 25

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