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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper name pronunciation created by Kymastrider on December 6, 2015

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Kymastrider12/6/15 1:18pm
I know there was another thread named something like this but since I cant seem to find it I decided to create anew one.

I used to think Vi's name was pronounced as (Vee)

But as it turns out there's a League of Legends Champion that's also called Vi

wait a second, her name is actually pronounced as (veye) as in an eye, and not (Vee) as in an E.

ohhh, but I like (vee) better, now I have to start calling her (veye)? D=

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Sladerin12/6/15 1:28pm
I had no idea how to pronounce Nabonidus when I first started reading, I usually just skipped over his name and kept going.

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Kirito12/6/15 5:37pm
Vi is pronounced Vee (I think I've heard Dave pronounce it before but specific instances escape me), and Nabonidus is Nah-Bone-eh-dus (might be incorrect but that's how I pronounce it)

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Sladerin12/6/15 6:15pm
It's supposed to be pronounced Nah-bo-nye-dus but i find it weird to say so I've always pronounced it Nah-bon-eh-diss

here David pronounces both of their name in this vid

about 1:20 seconds in

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Kobalt9512/6/15 6:43pm

Yep, that's the correct or (official) way to pronounce Nabonidus. Just think "nabbin' (like you're going to nab something) + itus" (as in a disease).

Now what about Ravat?

Is it pronounced "Rah - vaht", or "Ruh - vat" (like a vat of blood or something.)?

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Kirito12/6/15 6:50pm
I pronounce it Rah-Vaht personally

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Koreth12/7/15 10:24am
I do similar, though I place less stress on the first syllable, "rə-Vaht"

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Kymastrider3/20/17 10:05am
Since you can't understand how the names are pronounced when your reading it, it always feels like im getting the names wrong.

I always thought Karo's name was pronounced like (Caramell)

before I thought Nabonidus was pronounced (NA-BAW-NIH-DUS) Then Dave made the volume-4 update video and I was like. But wait I was pronouncing it the wrong way this whole time?

and I always thought Ravat was pronounced like (Rabbit)

and is there a proper way to pronounce Igrath as I was under the impression it was pronounced like (grass)

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TalkedSpy8/21/17 6:38pm
I was a little surprised too that I mispronounced Nabby's name. Though, I forgot the title the video Dave said his name. Can you post a link to it?

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SuperTurbo411/12/17 6:14am
I usually pronounce Namah as naw-mah, personally.

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