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Subscribe to this thread Tabletop Interest created by MobileCrusader on December 3, 2015

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MobileCrusader12/3/15 8:32pm
Who all is interested in getting a tabletop game together? Over on the Telegram chat we have discussed getting a game of either Trinity or Myriad Song going. The start date likely wouldnt be till after the new year, but I feel we could keep something going here. (It may be just what I need to stick to the forums more diligently lol)

We would have a centralized thread here but a skype/teamspeak call would most likely be needed.

Discuss. Is there something you want to play? Got a campaign lined up you have been itching to put forth? Lets get this going!

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zagura12/4/15 4:11pm
:o Never tried but willing to learn.

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MobileCrusader12/4/15 4:14pm
That's all you can ever really ask for from a person, isn't it?

Tabletops and RP are a lot of fun with the right people. I hope that we can all get along well!

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ZycantAlpha12/4/15 9:33pm
I'm willing to play, though I'm not so much "flexible" on which so much as "am lazy and don't really care enough to try and create a preference." Either way, I'll let you guys figure out which one to go with.

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MobileCrusader12/5/15 8:35am
Aye aye then.

When the new term starts at uni I'll start asking about times that everyone can play and we can work out a schedule.

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Kirito12/6/15 6:19pm
Depends on a few factors but I might be interested.

And I'm on the same page as Zag; never tried but totally willing to learn.

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Edwardteach12/9/15 3:53pm
If you like tabletop, I am a DM, in pathfinder, and I can teach you how to play, and to craft a character

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MobileCrusader12/12/15 6:32am
While I am grateful for the offer, I am no stranger to Tabletops. Been playing DnD for as long as I can remember, as well as various other game systems.

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MobileCrusader12/12/15 6:37am
Im going to be posting the links to some resources here. They will not be filled out for a bit, but I want to make sure that the links are available upfront. I'm talking with Dave about stuff as I fill out the forms, so that's why I'm not just writing whatever I want to get it out of the way.

Some other things to keep in mind:
I have more or less given in to the idea of using Myriad Song's mechanics as the base for the game. I will post the source material here but I will be editing the info and posting google docs.
If you have a preference for voice chat clients, please tell me. Id rather use anything but Skype, but it has to be reliable and preferably free to use.

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MobileCrusader12/12/15 6:44am

Source Material:

Map of Anduruna:




Origins (Legacies):

Powers (Gifts):

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MobileCrusader12/12/15 6:36pm
Start date is looking like it will be around January 20th. Would weekdays or weekends tend to be better for you all?

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ZycantAlpha12/12/15 10:28pm
Weekends would likely be a bit easier for me, though I could probably find a way to do it during the regular week.

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Badept12/14/15 9:40pm
I'm interested. Weekends are better for me than weekdays.

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Fiskerton12/14/15 9:48pm
I'm interested, but need to learn

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MobileCrusader12/18/15 8:48am
If people want to start work on character, pm me about your ideas and we can start.

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