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Subscribe to this thread F. List (18+ THREAD) created by Kymastrider on December 1, 2015

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Kymastrider12/1/15 3:03pm
So anyway by suggestion of a new friend I started making an F. List, the just I can figure out is it's a place to put all your furry characters as well as making a check list of all the sexual furry fetishes you love/like/are ok with/ or just down right hate.

There's also roleplaying on that site, or so I think I haven't gotten around to that yet. So anyone use F. List, or heard of it before?

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Kirito12/1/15 3:13pm
I've heard of it and been on a few times. Quite a few friends of mine have one so it pops up every now and again. Personally I haven't made one ^w^

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Lycanphoenix12/2/15 7:25pm
F-List, huh? Yeah, I'm familiar with it; it's a roleplaying website and character database. Many of my friends use F-List.

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Javelin12/3/15 6:27pm
I just made in account there
Name: Javelin

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MobileCrusader12/3/15 8:56pm
Ive never really cared enough to make an account. I have seen/heard lots of stories of real creeps habiting the place and just never wanted to deal with that.

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Javelin12/3/15 10:10pm
Does that website have a filter to only allow a specific group type to be shown?

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Kobalt951/7/16 10:39pm
I just tried it out for a week, and I have to say... I think its a good website for listing information for RP characters, but I've had a less-than agreeable experience trying to use the site for RPing itself.

For starters, I'm easily able to find people to friend, and they usually accept my friend request. However, actually getting an RP started on the site has always been a nightmare for me. I sent some of the people I friended notes asking if they wanted to talk and/or RP, but not ONCE have I ever gotten even a single response from ANY of them.

And I have to make it clear; I was not spamming them at all. I've only sent ONE message to them so far. And that was days ago. This wouldn't be so much of a problem cause, you know, people have lives and such (and technically there is no obligation for people to respond to ANYTHING someone sends them). But, when I would go days without any kind of response, out of curiosity, I would return to their profiles and see that they had in fact been on for hours multiple times since I sent the notes. Now, I don't particularly know all of the nuances and protocol of the F-List community, so this may be a common occurrence for lots of people and I'm doing something wrong, or I'm just really unlucky.

Perhaps I'm used to sites where people are more likely to respond cordially as soon as they can, but its really beginning to tick me off. I'm not asking for them to RP on a whim or anything, I'd just like to get some type of response like "I'm just using the site for the character profiles," or "Oh, maybe not for a while," or "I'm not feeling like RPing right now, so try again later." I'm just waiting for something, anything like that. But all I've gotten is silence. I just don't know why people would willingly ignore a note for days (or perhaps indefinitely) from someone that they chose to accept as a friend, but maybe that's just me. And its weird, because everyone on my "friends" list has simply ignored the note I sent them.

I'm curious, does anyone else have this problem, or are you able to start RP's fairly easily? Or... am I doing something wrong?

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