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Dreamkeepers Forums - How was the Sabotton Tower Built?

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Subscribe to this thread How was the Sabotton Tower Built? created by Javelin on November 30, 2015

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Javelin11/30/15 2:39pm
What resources were used to build the home of the vicount

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wildcard11/30/15 3:01pm
Metal. Probably some wood too.

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Javelin11/30/15 5:38pm
I mean construction capable power users might be a possibility or maybe other tools and alot of physical and balance and lots of risk building it from the ground up

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DanWithTheHat12/7/15 7:21pm
I clarified the title for better clarity.

This is a good question. I think the history pages describe this a bit.

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Javelin12/7/15 10:14pm
Cool I appreciate it thanks

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