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Subscribe to this thread Prelude (Last Update: 2/2/18) Scrubbing For The Scum created by BigEasy on February 14, 2013

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joeden5/19/17 6:28pm
she's probably thinking money

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Prometheus5/19/17 9:41pm
That, or she's getting ready to use it as a weapon. I'd have something like that at the ready if a guy like Grunn is rampaging about.

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zagura5/20/17 9:07am
I imagine the two sets of rope around the wheel means Mace and Whip got caught.

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Kymastrider5/26/17 7:09pm
in the current update of the story.

Looks like Daryl is trying to treat Bobby's wounds from his encounter with that thug from the Warehouse.

Vi looks like he's about to go kill Grunn thinking he's the one that hurt Bobby. If I were there I'd probably tell Bobby "It's not worth stopping her, even if it wasn't Grunn, he's had this coming for along time now"

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ZycantAlpha5/27/17 9:05pm
Eh, I'd still try to stop her - less for Grunn's safety so much as hers, because I have a bad feeling about what she's going to find.

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Prometheus8/9/17 3:11pm
Okay, then. A bit has happened since the forums went down. XD

Vi goes to confront Grunn and gets an eye full. Turns out it was Krin who got caught and spun around on the boat's wheel. I guess all those stains around the wheel is his vomit.

As Vi treats Bobby's injuries, we see how he even got them. Rolph (which is the wolf guy's temp name) chases Bobby to an aqueduct and Bobby climbs up into the aqueduct and tries to swim away. But, Rolph uses his Power to create a force field and stop Bobby from escaping.

And, now, we wait to see what Rolph has in store for Bobby.

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Koreth8/9/17 5:27pm
A question this raises for me is Bobby's membership with the Troika in GNS. While I can see the Troika keeping an eye on him since he knows some things now, if I were in Bobby's shoes, I'd feel disinclined to join up with the thugs that beat me up. 'Cause as far as Bobby knows, that's who's he's dealing with -- some conspiring thugs not afraid of violence to coerce witnesses into silence.

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finlo8/9/17 8:02pm
what dose it matter?

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Prometheus8/9/17 10:02pm

Well, we still don't know how nor why they joined. Despite Bobby getting roughed up [presumably] for snooping on Troika activity, I doubt this is going to persuade him to back off since he thinks that Anise may now be in danger. Since he has unknowingly presented himself as a dangerous liability to the Troika, I suspect that he will be getting an invitation from a recruiter real soon due to his resolve. Then, he will know what the Troika are really about. Depending on how involved Vi decides to get in this matter, they may both receive the same invitation.

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Koreth8/9/17 10:13pm
@fino It matters, IMO, because it raises more questions about how Bobby got involved with the Troika. Bobby has struck me as more level-headed than to just blindly join up with the thugs who kicked his ass when they tell him of an evil conspiracy.

Think about it. You just got beaten up for witnessing something. Later, those same thugs come to you and go "Hey, we're gonna save the world from this evil conspiracy, wanna help?" Are you going to go "Yeah, okay. Sure!" or, remembering your ass-kicking, feel disinclined to cooperate?

Does Bobby initially end up joining out of fear? Fear of further retribution -- that he'll get more ass-kickings if he doesn't? Bobby doesn't strike me as a coward, but duress can be rather effective at getting compliance in the short term.

@Prometheus That sounds plausible. This current thread of Prelude serves to tease my curiosity. I'm somewhat anxious what the final reveal say on the matter.

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Kymastrider8/11/17 3:31pm
Because we missed so many weeks of fun DK comic names I'm going to make my own for all the fun Krin Comics we missed.

(Was is whip who did it?)

(Krin should have remained hidden.)

(Grunn: The Revenge.)

(tie up your Krin, and give him a spin.)

(Krin's going to be alright, I think.)

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AlextheTeknian8/12/17 2:01am
Whoa judging by your post Kyma, this means the forum was down for 5 weeks? by the way very funny titles Kyma. Now on the latest prelude page makes me wonder what that Dreamkeeper is doing to Bobby.

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Prometheus8/12/17 9:53am

Heh, nice ones. Would have gladly put them up there if the forums were up. XP


I wonder what's in the flask. Maybe it's some kind of hallucinogen or drug.

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TruthQuest8/13/17 7:19pm
Is it Slob mating season already?
Is this where Mace learns about female slob sent?

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Prometheus8/18/17 1:35pm
Well, that was clever. Throwing a powerful odor on him so the Troika can sense him sneaking around their hideouts again. Looks like Rolph got some on his jacket, though. XD

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