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Subscribe to this thread Prelude (Last Update: 2/2/18) Scrubbing For The Scum created by BigEasy on February 14, 2013

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BigEasy2/14/13 9:43pm
We need to re-build these threads so the endless speculation can continue!


Goodbye Bobby. We hardly knew ya.

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Avolendi2/15/13 4:59am
Blunt force memory reset procedure. At least Grunn knows when drastic measures are required after talking a bit too much ^^;

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MrAerospace2/15/13 7:48am
I'm surprised Grunn even knows what amnesia means! That goes straight to the top of my list of pre ass-kicking one liners. I've never seen someone knocked senseless BEFORE being punched out, and I think Grunn just achieved it with that absurd war-cry.

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Thegunner182/15/13 10:05am
Ooh. I didn't know amnesia was so...inherently violent. I guess you learn something every day! I always wondered what Bobby would get himself into.

I did not see this coming.

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Oseirus2/15/13 10:41am
This whole page got a pretty good laugh out of me.

I do like the implications here though. Can only assume that Grunn's "they" is the Troika, which means he's been affiliated with them for ages. I'd be willing to bet this is the start of Bobby's recruitment.

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Roan2/15/13 11:09am
Poor Bobby meet the wrath of Grunns Amnesia magic with a swift knock-out to the head.
Then again, you're gunna wake up with one big headache from his boulder of a fist.

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Thegunner182/15/13 11:25am
Or not wake up at all. D: Y'know, since it's Grunn and all that. A Grunn with amnesia magic just sounds utterly terrifying, and not something I'd want to meet in a dark alley.

I don't know if Grunn would fit through the alley in the first place, but ah well.

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DanWithTheHat2/15/13 11:43am
Poor Bobby... Hope he still remembers his girlfriend. XD

Actually, I was thinking.... What if Grunn knocked himself out? I wouldn't put it past him to do that to shut himself up.

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TruthQuest2/15/13 3:28pm
I had thought that Grunn was hitting his OWN head, not Bobby's.

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Thegunner182/15/13 3:34pm
Either way, I think the mere shockwaves from the impact of Grunn's fist on any surface would be enough to knock Bobby clean off his feet!

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DanWithTheHat2/15/13 4:12pm
If he did knock himself out, I wonder if Igrath and Scinter trained him to do that? XD

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Animefan182/15/13 6:50pm
amnesia: secret of the docks XD

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Roan2/15/13 9:18pm
If Scinter and Igrath trained Grunn to knock himself out, I'd probably die with laughter. XD

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ConnorDavidson2/16/13 9:28am
Honestly, I thought Grunn hit his own head too. Didn't think he was that smart or competent to do anything else, considering he was already emotionally compromised by the recent theft of I don't think it worked on Bobby though. As someone who has been struck many times on the head by others - quite hard, too - I have yet to have any amnesia problems...Wait, what were we talking about?

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DarkAnge12/17/13 4:19am
@DanWithTheHat: Yeah, that was pretty much what I thought at first. Upon rereading this strip, however, it would make more sense for Grunn to knock Bobby out.

Of course this is Grunn we're talking about...

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