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Subscribe to this thread Sonic boom created by Hakuzo on November 24, 2015

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Hakuzo11/24/15 6:12pm
Well, sonic boom has been out for a while.what are your thoughts?

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Kobalt9511/25/15 12:14am

And Ice...


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ezioauditore9711/29/15 11:56am
The show's decent for what it is and I love seeing these characters in a new light,but I think that they really blew the possibility of it being a huge success by making the games lackluster for the launch.

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Hakuzo11/30/15 12:59pm
I never played the game. I've played the 3Ds demo, and that was decent.

The original sonic team is gone and sega is devidided. SoA panders to us and SoJ has a whole different direction for sonic we never see. Both companies can't get along at all.

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Kobalt9511/30/15 6:26pm

Yes, the show itself is pretty harmless and relatively alright. I just wish we could get a semi-serious Sonic cartoon again, like Sonic SatAM... although I know that opinions on that show are pretty divided. Maybe a new anime can be made in the future.


And trust me, you're not missing much regarding the Wii U game "Rise of Lyric". I think its safe to say that it comes close to being as broken and uninteresting as Sonic 06. If you're morbidly curious, I'd recommend watching a playthrough of the game instead of paying money for it.

However, I've heard mixed things about the 3DS Sonic Boom game, although the only given is that it is marginally better than the Wii U title. So if anything, I'd say try out the 3DS Sonic Boom game if you have to play one of them.

I'm so mean to Sonic... XD

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Lycanphoenix12/1/15 2:20pm
I actually kinda like the character designs in Sonic Boom from a purely visual standpoint, it's just that the spin-off as a whole was so damn bland and lackluster... Especially the game, with a heavy focus on combat, a myriad of glitches, and the fact that speed and platforming were completely separate. At least it wasn't downright *bad* like Sonic '06.

Anyways, Sonic Boom actually has pretty good voice acting (though nobody will ever pull off Sonic like Jason Griffith does), which makes the fact the characters never seem to shut up all the more annoying.

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Hakuzo12/2/15 5:36pm
I grew up on everything sonic and I own every game of sonic except for the maruo Olympics an some of the gamegear games. I do have sonic one and two on gamegear.

For voice actors I have to go with most of the voice actors from SatAM. Robotnik was a true villan in SatAM. I hate the "new eggman" design.

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