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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy20209/9/16 10:02am
(to spy) help me. help. me. What am I supposed to do here XD
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finlo9/9/16 7:38pm
finlo: ... *he look back at them with confusion* what the hell are you supposed to do?
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Scottieboy20209/10/16 8:03pm
...Well, I was going to go get rid of the nightmare threat... in the cave... with my friends...
And then you showed up and I don't even know who you are. What are you doing out here, exactly? We're way outside the city walls, no one lives out here, we haven't seen anyone other than ourselves, and we've been here a while.
...And if you're looking for your mace, we haven't seen one of those lying around either...

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TalkedSpy9/11/16 12:05pm
(Sorry about the hiatus guys! One month has past and I haven't even been active on the one simple thing I was supposed to be focused on playing regularly. Crucify me. ;_; But school should put me into a more set schedule now, which'll help with the supposed weekly posts. :P)

Finlo: W-wait, n-nightmare threat!? What!?

Scottie: Hey, listen kid, stay calm, okay? My team already took care of some of them a while ago, and we're just sitting here for a bit before we head out. Can you answer my questions?

Finlo: Um....uh, okay, but are you sure we are safe here?

Scottie: Yeah, as long as we don't make much noise and check around us, we should be alright.

*looks at Spy standing still facing away from them*

Scottie: Spy, can you come over here, our hands just got fuller now.

*sees Spy not acknowledging Scottie*

Scottie: Spy, can you hear me?

Me: ...five, ten, eleven, eight, seven, thre-

Scottie: SPY?


Scottie: Woah, dude, I was calling out on you.

Me: Oh, really?

Scottie: ....Yeah.

Me: Oops, could be the audio syncing with the suit. Might be faulty. Heh.

Scottie: Um, suit's not in predestine condition?

Me: Eh, you could say that.

*notices Finlo*

Me: .....You've got to be kidding me.

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finlo9/11/16 6:51pm
finlo: what? is there anything i can do to help?

scottie: yeah, SIT!

finlo: rude.

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Scottieboy20209/12/16 5:55am
(I'm not that rude, yeezus.)
(to finlo) Can you fight, and well? Because if not, then you should get out of here as soon as possible. Those Nightmares are vicious and don't fight fair, and will use any misstep of yours against you.
(To Spy) Is that drone gonna be back anytime soon? Because Alcor seems to have wandered off somewhere, and then he showed up, I'm getting confused, and I need to fight something.

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finlo9/12/16 6:12am
finlo: I'm not sure. pokinin is a fighter, gibu a lop is a fighter, ka-yo and tsua are fighters. me? I don't know hw to fight, but this...
*uses cyan power to surrounded force field on himself and with spikes and rolls around*
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Scottieboy20209/12/16 6:24am
...Well, that's certainly helpful. You'd have to stay back when not using your power, but you could jump in for short bursts and cause ungodly mayhem.

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finlo9/12/16 10:30am
finlo: hmm... can I have a gun? *takes gun and reengineering it with elemental crystals* (holds a new gun called crystal bullet that shoots energy bullets) it took (dice number) hours to make this.
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Scottieboy20209/12/16 11:41am
Doesn't that draw on a ridiculous amount of power from you, just to do that? Also, it's nearly dark... We should head out soon. Nightmares are more active at night I think, so the sooner, the better.

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finlo9/12/16 12:28pm
finlo: I know, appearing if we don't hurry. come on! we got to find mace. before (2 dice rolls) nightmares are coming.
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TalkedSpy9/22/16 4:29pm
Me: *checks time on helmet HUD* It's 1800. We're losing daylight.

Scottie: We've already covered that dude.

Me: I know, but the drone shouldn't be taking this long.

Scottie: Could it have lost signal, direction, or anything?

Me: No, very unlikely. I triple checked on maintenance and hardware, and programmed it for this specific scanning. Not saying it's compromised or anything, because if it was, I would've gotten an alert from the drone by now.

Scottie: ....Maybe this cave system is bigger than we would've suspected.

Me: If it is, it's going to be tough going through without that map. I know you're getting anxious, so.....let's do this. If the drone doesn't come back at the next 10 klicks, we head in. Good with that?

Scottie: As long as I get action bro.

Me: Yeah.

*looks at Finlo*

Me: Didn't catch your name bud. Mind some introduction.....and explaining?

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finlo9/24/16 6:08pm
Finlo: My name is Finlo. i'm a klonoa of soul. i'm not from this world actually, you see i was trying to find this guy name mace, he is white & brown fur with a coat on. he ran off upset about this Lilith person, i had to be fused with whip. *unfused into normal with whip flying around* there he is now!

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Scottieboy20209/24/16 6:33pm
*expression is very, very disturbed*
Um... Are you ADD like I am? Because you seem to be very easily distracted.
*is hypocritically distracted*
*meanders slightly from the group*
*Die: chances of finding something*
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finlo9/25/16 1:09pm
Finlo: *he calls lilith or bast (Dice1) times*

no answer? i will have to find him myself. *finds (Dice2) things*
whip can you help?

(it takes a total)
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