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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy20206/29/16 7:50am
*Realizes thread has stopped completely* *realizes it might be my fault*
Ah, he's friendly. A little crazy, for certain, but friendly.
*Sees drone fly off* ...And apparently he's good with equipment.
There's weapons in the box if you need it, and I think there might be some light body armor in there somewhere...
*goes over to TalkedSpy*
I know you're uneasy about him, but I'm certain he can handle himself. I told him he could come out here, too, so if anything happens to him, it's on me, which means I have to be twice as careful to make sure he stays OK.
Spy: I have serious issues with letting a civilian fight Nightmares...
Me: I'm a civilian, and look what I can do. If it gets too crazy for him, I'll make sure he gets to safety. Don't worry, I have a plan.
Spy: Is it good?
Me: Very, very good. And it's right up your alley, too...

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TalkedSpy7/9/16 4:40pm
Me: Scott.....alright, listen. This might seem manageable enough to come by to you, but this will a hassle and risk between us, him, and the entire mission.

This isn't just regular recon, this is definite search and destroy involving high tier nightmares, and I don't want his blood on our hands if anything happens to him. I have to call this in, but whatever your sudden "plan" is, why didn't you mention it during the briefing or prior we deployed?

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Scottieboy20207/9/16 8:31pm
(Dude, you're kinda forgetting I DON'T WORK FOR THE-- wait do you work for Troika or some other paramilitary, I can't remember)
I honestly didn't expect there to be this many strong Nightmares...
As for my plan, here's the basics.
1. We go in, stealthing past as many nightmares as possible. Combat should be quiet and no explosives, or those tunnels could collapse on us.
2. Upon locating their portal into our world, we unleash hell and collapse the tunnel around it, blocking their access here temporarily. If any come through, they'll be crushed immediately. I was thinking Alcor and I could shield us from any rocks that start falling on us, but that brings me to part...
3. You use your suit to fly us out of the tunnels. We detonate the tunnels as we go, destroying this entire cave system. Even if the Nightmares get this portal cleared, it'll take them a good while to get out of the caves.

Sound good?

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TalkedSpy7/16/16 8:47pm
(The whole RP will tend to get out of place on specific details, but just roll with what we're on.)

Me: Hm....well, it seems good on paper, but if we're going to take that as our primary plan, we might have to look into a few things once that drone comes back. That shouldn't take about more than a few minutes, and we'll also have to add in a Plan B as well if things go awry.

*looks over towards nightmare corpses*

And yeah, they were a bit a handful, but not much we can't handle. Heh. However, they did move in some type of patrol group, but if that is true......then that could not be good on our end.

Scottie: Hm?

Me: If this was what we'd suspect, they should've arrived back at their base of operations at sometime, but problem is, we don't know when they left or if they're supposed to arrive back, which is going to bring suspicion to the others back at their base about their absence, then it's going to lead to a callout to more than one patrol teams.

But in the mean time...

*looks at Alcor going over gear*

Anything more I need to know about him?

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Scottieboy20207/18/16 7:42pm
...other than that I have no idea what abilities he has in combat?
Spy: *Facepalms*
I know, I'm stupid. We're gonna see if he can hold his own, and if he's having too much trouble, I'll shield him and take over his portion of the combat.
*Starts sketching something*
*Finishes rough sketch*
Do you think you could make this?
*Shows Spy a sword, with a three foot long black, straight, single edge blade with a katana-like appearance. There is a partial guard for the hand, while the second hand on the hilt is unprotected. There's also a strange second blade behind the first, extending a foot in a slight curve, meant to trap an enemies blade. The handle is partially wrapped in leather, and symbols are imprinted on the main blade.*
(Link to the actual swords image (yes that's me and I made a wooden sword))
If you don't think you can, that's fine. I was actually thinking you could just modify my existing Katana...

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AlcorTheMonkey7/19/16 8:32am
((My god sorry I was busy with school stuff))
Alcor just chuckles at the statement and looks over at both
"well Just give me a Club, a Sword or even a gun and I'll show you, and thanks for the concern but I think I can protect myself too".

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Scottieboy20207/19/16 6:47pm
Well... I have an idea.
We're waiting on the drone. It'll be a little while until it gets back. therefore...
Alcor, would you mind sparring with me? If I know how you fight it'll be easier for us to stay out of each others way as we fight through the tunnels. If you want to, I'm sure there's something in the... really huge crate that works for you.

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AlcorTheMonkey7/29/16 8:51am
Alcor smiles after hearing the question
"Sure, I don't mind sparring a little, but I'm a bit rusty hehehe"
he cracks his knuckles as he responds

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Scottieboy20207/29/16 10:07pm
...No blade? OK.
*Takes a loose battle stance*
Two can play that game.
*Begins with a punch*
*blow-trading ensues*
(I was thinking we put the winner up to the dice. lets say... 1 die, 1-3 is you 4-6 is me?)

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Scottieboy20209/1/16 7:52am
Are we ever going to resurrect this?
please do something XD

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TalkedSpy9/4/16 2:57pm

*gets smacked by Scottie*

Me: o_O
Scottie: ....So, you're going to bring up another excuse, or...?
Me: ....I disappoint.
Scottie: That is fact.

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Scottieboy20209/5/16 5:08pm
(Sick Avatar bro)
Now that you've alerted all the nightmares within a hundred yard radius, how's the scan going?

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finlo9/7/16 8:46am
finlo: *bumbs into somebody into scottie* oh sorry pardon me...
4 1
Total: 5

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Scottieboy20209/7/16 8:48pm
No problem... random... person...
(To Spy) *whispers* what do I do?!

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finlo9/8/16 8:15am
finlo: *searches for mace outside* MACE!... MACE?...

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