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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy20203/8/16 8:06am
Well, as far as the suit... My telekinesis is an extension of my minds power. My body can barely lift its own weight, which is about 120, but my MIND can lift in excess of three tons, if the situation is dire enough. However, I usually can't tap into that much power, so I usually can telekinetically lift about 1,500 pounds. make sense?
As far as the helicopter and the notification, the notice came up when you were spraying bullets... and the helicopter was just moments ago as I was talking to you. Our brains were all a little scrambled from adrenaline, so we weren't paying attention.
We're lucky the thing has parachutes...
*goes inside the container*
Um, guys... I think I'm in heaven.

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TalkedSpy3/20/16 7:35pm
*walks over to Scottie*

.....Neh, whatever. Anyways, we need to hurry up. We're losing day-

*looks into crate with glowing light*

Me: .......
Scottie: Spy?
Me: *orgasm intensifies*
Scottie: Spy.
Me: *looks at Scottie*
Scottie: We happy?
Me: ....OOOHH, we happy.

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Scottieboy20203/21/16 9:16pm
We have guns, blades, some schematics in case you want to make something with your power, and when all else fails, we have... explosives for days. Forget cloud 9, I'm in cloud 60 right now XD
*selects an array of bladed weapons, including: Chakram (circular throwing blades), twin Qatars (think Halo Energy Sword, just shorter), A one-handed short sword, and two Wakizashi)*
*Grabs twin UMP's and four spare clips, plus two 9mm Ruger pistols*
*puts it all in weapons belt and back sheathes*
Come fight me now, Nightmares...
Hey Spy, where'd Snare go?
Spy: I don't know, he was right out-... there...
me: well, that's just... depressing. Well, if he decides to come back, there's still plenty of weaponry to go around.
...Spy, jeez, clean yourself up. I don't need to be smelling all that in mid-battle...
*tosses rag to Spy*
Let's go set up that scanner drone, shall we?

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TalkedSpy3/31/16 8:42pm
*catches rag*

W-wait, what's up with the ra-ahhhhhhh........crud. Hold up a sec.

*goes over to nearby lake - washes and dries self*

Okay, let's get a good look on what's in here.

*selects .44 Magnum with explosive magnum rounds, .500 S&M explosive rounds, XM25 CDTE grenade launcher with extended 8-round mag, Glock 18 with lazer-sight attachment and extended 20-round mag, ACB-90 knife, extra SMAW and Dragon's Breath rounds, and XBOW with standard, HE, Scan, and BA bolts*

Not sure if some of these I already have or not. But wow, can't believe they actually fitted this much in here.

*sees something else in crate*

.....Oh my.

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Scottieboy20204/2/16 6:29pm
...You know what, I'm gonna ditch a few of these. I have too much metal, it's going to slow me down.
*puts away two UMP clips, one UMP, the Wakizashi, one Qatar, and one Chakram.*
*Takes a moment to get used to the weight, swings a couple of the blades, and adjusts the straps on the sheathes.*
Man, I can't WAIT to try these babies out.
Hey, what're you staring at?
*Goes to inspect what you're drooling over*
...The Nightmares are so, so strongly boned.

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TalkedSpy4/30/16 12:28pm
*slowly takes out BFG 9000 - que Halleljuah song with chorus*

Me: you know what this is?
Scottie: ......The Big F**king Gun?
Me: ......THE GUN.

*both gaze over gun while song is playing*

Me: Operation Kickass and Chew Bubblegum has officially begun.
Scottie: But we don't have bubblegu-
Me: DON'T RUIN IT!!!! Also, I'm keeping it.
Scottie: More of a melee person you know.

*tries to put BFG 9000 into backpack of infinite space - doesn't fit*

Me: ._.

*keeps trying - still doesn't fit*

Me: ......We have a problem.
Scottie: Doesn't fit?
Me: Doesn't fit..... even though it's smaller than I thought it would be.
Scottie: Not surprised, since it looks like a rocket launcher on steroids.
Me: Neh, I'll just copy it like the rest.

*uses blueprint copying ability*

Me: Okay.......and, done! Alrighty, let's get this over with, go home, earn our paychecks, and drink tea while watching MMA fighting. Now, let's revise the plan again.

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Scottieboy20204/30/16 7:02pm
(The sad part is that's actually how this conversation would go. XD)
So, from what I understand, we're going to set up that drone and have it scan the caves.
If it gets destroyed, we'll know that's where trouble starts and I'll try to map it the rest of the way with my Telekinesis before we enter. Once we do, we get as far down into these caves as we can, and try to establish the entry point the Nightmares are using.
Destroy it if possible, and whether we are able to or not, we collapse the cave with bombs and Telekinesis, ensuring this sector will be clear of Nightmares for a good while.
After that... I mean, I'm not part of any organization like you. I help the Troika out from a distance, but I'm not affiliated with them. Since I'm not sure what organization you're with, I guess I'll just... follow you.
Does that cover just about everything or did I miss something?

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Scottieboy20204/30/16 7:02pm

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TalkedSpy5/8/16 5:12pm
Yep, that's pretty much the only primary objective we have currently have. I'd like it to stay that way.

Also, I don't usually work for anyone that much really, but the Troika tend to need help at times, and they have people who are personal to me, and fight for a good cause as well.....even though they're considered vigilantes by law.

They offer good pay as well for risking your life for about 5 to 10 hours every week. Heh.

*checks intel and GPS coordinates on hud - checks time*

Right on schedule. The main entrance to the cave is 400 meters direct north right down that path, so once we deploy the drone, it'll reach it in approximately 10 minutes, at 19:00. Go and set it up, I'll keep an eye out.

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AlcorTheMonkey5/9/16 2:52pm
Meanwhile near a few steps could be heard, it seemed someone was getting near
"I wonder where this way will take me.."
says a voice comming from somewhere

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Scottieboy20205/10/16 9:04pm
(Every time I try to post, my internet screws me over like it's paid to do that)
Spy: Wh- wait, what's a civilian doing way out here?!
Me: That's not just a civilian, I know them...
*Sets up drone*
*Tries again*
*Ego is broken*
Me: Spy, would you please deal with this... infernal machine while I go greet company?

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AlcorTheMonkey5/14/16 9:39am
After breaking through the foliage Alcors comes
out from the bushes and looks around
" this is where the sounds where comming from?"

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TalkedSpy5/14/16 6:51pm
Me: EH,, no, no, hold up.

*walks over to Scottie and Alcor*

Me: Sir, this is a nightmare hot-zone. I recommend you get out of this area immediately.

Scottie: Woah, woah, Spy, I told you I know him. He's not a civilian, but-

Me: Dude, it doesn't matter if he's a civi or not, we are in a middle in a mission. He's not only a potential danger from the nightmares, but he also could be a distraction to us while we proceed.

Scottie: I know, you're right, but I'll handle this quickly. Just setup the drone and leave it to me, I'll keep my guard.

*stares at Scottie - looks at Alcro*

Me: ......You know I have to report this in, right?

Scottie: .....Yeah.

Me: Hmhm. Drone might take a couple of minutes, so get this over with.

Scottie: Yep.

*walks away - looks back*

Me: Also, I wasn't going to shoot him. I ask questions, then shoot......if things go awry.

*continues back to setting up drone*

Me (in thoughts): Weird that I didn't pick him up radar or thermal readings. Hmm....

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Scottieboy20205/14/16 7:08pm
"I wasn't going to shoot him."
Just like with Snare huh? XD

*Goes over to Alcor* I'm glad you could make it. Sorry for bringing you into the thick of it like this... And don't worry, Spy's not like this all the time. He just doesn't want you getting hurt.

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AlcorTheMonkey5/30/16 9:15pm
"I understand, but please next time tell him to not point at my head"
said Alcor with a Slightly nervous voice but still staring at him at the eyes

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