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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy202012/26/15 12:03pm
*Races down after you*
I told you it wouldn't work! I told you!
*Grabs you by the wrist, throwing you back up with Telekinesis*
I wanted you to use the C4!
*Follows you up, grabbing bombs*
*arms C4, throws it at Nightmares*
*builds shield*
I recommend staying behind me...
*explosion ensues*

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TalkedSpy12/27/15 7:06am

But you ruined the moment though. I was gonna to fly back up and say "HAH, I'M TALKEDSPY BRUH, I CAN FLY!", then use my repulsor rays at the thing to obliterate it.....but C4 can work too. :3

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Scottieboy202012/27/15 9:23am
...Am I the only person who takes this fight seriously? XD
I bring swords and knives, you bring a giant purple sex toy.
I try killing the nightmares, while you fake your own death.
I'm using my power to get stuff done, and you don't seem to have activated yours...
Might I add, I know your power is Imagination Manifestation, which would be useful on ungodly levels...
...wait. You used your power to make the suit, the weapons, and the Penetrator, didn't you?

Instead of just 'imagining' they were already dead and just using your power to manifest that.
...I guess that works for me. Now I actually had a fight.
*summons Jason (remember him? XD)*
I guess... we should keep hunting.
Sound good to you?

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TalkedSpy1/2/16 7:47pm

Um, Scottie, if you want me to be more serious, I'll do it. I have no problem with that.

As for my's actually very difficult to use though. At these kinds of situations, my mind gets pretty much everywhere with constant thoughts and ideas, which will make my power either almost useless (making the objects shatter or disappear), or will simply just go out of control into unspeakable lengths.

If my mind is calm, focused and cleared, I'll be able to make anything from a spiked-nailed bat, to an attack helicopter. However, to do that, I'll need to know what they're made of or how they function. Fortinually, that's where my "blueprint copying" ability comes's pretty self-explanatory. :P

But as of now, I don't want to risk it, so all I have is my ULTIMATE BACKPACK OF UNLIMITED SPACE!!!

.....You can pretty much store anything in it since it has unlimited space. *cough* Wibbilyy Wobboly *cough* Timey Wimey *cough*

*checks coms - sees radio signal*

WOOH! Well then, we got a signal with HQ! Since we have a little spare time, you want to call in a little care package?

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Scottieboy20201/3/16 9:59am
Jeez, I actually just realized how serious I myself sounded.
Also, your power actually makes a lot more sense now...
And, I have no real problem with you joking around.

(back to business)
A care package sounds nice right about now.
I'd like to be better equipped so we can go into that cave system and investigate.

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TalkedSpy1/9/16 4:12pm
Nah, you're cool dude. I'm pretty much an ametuer when it comes to RP'ing, but I try to do my best without getting things too far or too off topic.

But anyways, back to the mission.

*takes out red smoke grenade - tosses it nearby - talks to HQ through coms*

Me: BRAVO 14, this is TalkedSpy in Unit 35. We have taken down approximately 8 hostiles, now KIA, and are now heading towards the cave system. We need a care package at coordinates North 49 degrees 17 minutes 23 seconds, West 119 degrees 21 minutes 51 seconds. Please be advised, over.

BRAVO 14: This is BRAVO 14. We picked up your call. Sending care package in T-20 minutes through heli, over.

Me: Roger that BRAVO 14. TalkedSpy out.

*gets out of coms*

....Wait, we barely used any of our weapons, right?

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Scottieboy20201/9/16 10:27pm
I took out a few of them with the sniper. After that, I switched to Power use.
And, we did use a grenade.
The reason I wanted to be stocked up is because if I keep using my power for anything other than a few minutes, I get tired out easily.

...We actually did better than I expected-I tend to fight better alone. That way, I don't have to keep tabs on my allies.
(Also, this is my first RP, too. If I seem good at it, it's because I write books (usually only part-way) for fun. My friend, Terraine, is into it a lot more than me, though, so I decided to try it out here.)

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TalkedSpy1/17/16 8:17pm
Yeah, we actually did! Only problem is the time lag between posts, but I admit again, it's my fault on that one. But at least we're doing progress. Want to keep it fast while having fun at the same time. It's pretty cool that you actually write books man! I'm into storytelling and RP'ing myself as well. That's one of the reasons why I'm studying film now at my school. :D

Okay, let's see. Besides the Barrett, your katana, my dildo, and the smoke grenade, we haven't even used any of our weapons at all, and with the extra supplies coming in, that'll likely make the mission easier to handle for us.

Now, once we resupply, and head out to the cave, I'll send out a scanner drone to check out the vicinity and the layout of the cave system. It'll create a 3D hologram of the system so that we'll be able to navigate it and locate anything that's in it. Might take about a few minutes once it arrives back.....unscaved, that is.

We'll also have to bring in night vision goggles, flares to see, and layout light beacons just in case. I already have built in night-vision with the suit, so I'm good. You?

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Scottieboy20201/19/16 7:23am
I hate bright lights so I actually see rather well in the dark.
Also, I NEED the weapons, because if I use my power too much, then I put myself at risk of a massive migraine, even to the point of it practically disabling me. AND, I need something other than the Barrett, since a sniper rifle isn't the best in close quarters combat. I'm thinking an AR-22, a PS-90, or maybe a 9mm Ruger. I have practiced with each of those in the past, so I should be able to handle them.

(You're studying film? nice... that could get you into a couple pretty interesting jobs.)
Also, we might not need that drone. With my telekinesis, when I reach out and grab something, I can feel it like I used my hand. I can use this to send a wave of TK into the cave, and essentially feel where everything is, giving me a mental map of the area and the hostiles within it. To anything inside, it would feel like a stray breeze.
However, if you use the drone, it would be a little slower but it would also preserve my own energy, in case we need it for a fight. I'll let you pick on this one.

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Snarethewolf1/30/16 8:36pm
(Hay guys. Can I join?)

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TalkedSpy2/1/16 3:15pm
I don't really know if that's a good idea tho-HOLY CRAP, WHATISTHATTHING!?!?!

Scottieboy2020: Ah, it's a little wolfie-

*takes out Handheld M134 Minigun*


(WARNING - The following footage contains graphic violence and no lap dance. Viewer discretion is advised. Skip to 0:46 in the video)

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Scottieboy20202/4/16 10:28am
(sure, you can join Snare.)
NO, SPY, NO!!!
*constructs shield to block the bullets*
He's a friendly, put the gun down! XD

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TalkedSpy2/12/16 4:42pm

*puts away minigun - checks on Snarethewolf*


MAN......sorry, I seen and done so many horrific things, I think I might have PTSD. Anyways, you alright dude? My apologizes for tha-

*sees Snare shivering in fear*

......UUUHHHHH, Scottie????

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Scottieboy20202/13/16 10:41pm
*Lowers shield* Where did you even whip that out from, anyways? *walks over to Snare* You're fine friend, no bullets hit you or anything, he's just a little trigger-happy. Although, seeing as you wanted to join in... *looks at Spy, then back to Snare* if you still want to, we could definitely use the help.

*walks over to Spy* ...something tells me babies scare you more than Nightmares do, am I right?
TalkedSpy: I can shoot the Nightmares... alot.
Me: ...that is a good point. Speaking of babies, if you have a kid, it is going to be a holy terror, I think. When did you say that supply drop was coming?
(slight whisling noise from above)
*looks up* oooooooooOOOOHHH CRAP!
*pushes everyone away from the impact*
*stares at it*
...The moment I woke up, I just knew it was gonna be one of those days...

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TalkedSpy3/7/16 7:58pm
*looks at supply drop - looks back at Scottie*

W-W-W-Wait, how did you move a THOUSAND POUND SUIT!? And why didn't we hear the heli or get a notification saying that the supply drop was incoming!? Was that just my imagination? 0_0?

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