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Subscribe to this thread Hunting Party created by Scottieboy2020 on November 15, 2015

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Scottieboy202012/7/15 6:16pm
(Alpha, yes, it is in RP. You're welcome to join if you want.
There's a PM?)

Ok Vegeta, can we kill Nightmares now? *Cocks sniper rifle* *Activates power*
*Floats off to start killing*

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AlphaMoron12/8/15 10:51pm
( yeah pm's are easy. Click on the little mail thing under account or to send i believe click on the users name)

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AlphaMoron12/8/15 10:52pm
(oh oops, there is a pm button right under the names, like here)

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Scottieboy202012/9/15 7:39am
(XP I never noticed that...)
*Snipes a Nightmare*
*Starts playing WAR by Edwin Starr on loudspeakers*

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TalkedSpy12/12/15 3:25pm

*sees potato*


*grabs potato - flies off in search for Scottie*

(Man, I need to be more active on these forums. Sorry. :P)

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Scottieboy202012/12/15 10:55pm
We are in the middle of a fight and you go for the potato.
*grabs potato from protesting TalkedSpy, starts vibrating the molecules really fast with telekinesis.*
*hits Nightmare, the potato explodes and severely burns him, sticking like napalm.*

There's a couple more over there, by the way. (see dice for number)


(Would that even work? I think it would...)
Total: 2

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TalkedSpy12/14/15 9:32am
....Well, I was planning on planting C4 on it, but.....that'll work too, I guess.

*saves C4 for later - grabs more potatoes*

Oh, also, I was just messing with you about the number of nightmares in the area. My suit's built-in radar feed has been down since we got here. Hehe. :3

.....Wait, didn't I tell you I'll bring C4? I think I forgot to tell you that. Oh well. :P

*gives potatoes to Scottie*

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Scottieboy202012/14/15 3:31pm
...I don't need C4. If I need an explosion, I just use my power. :D

Like so:
*potato-napalms the Nightmares*
I love how we're just chatting as Nightmares are running straight towards us...

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TalkedSpy12/19/15 5:45pm

*looks at Scottie - looks back at 5 strong approaching nightmares*

.......I should've brought more guns.

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Scottieboy202012/20/15 7:32pm
...How about a sword?
*Creates a Katana from Telekinetic energy*
Watch and learn, but don't be afraid to join me!
*Streaks towards the Nightmares, sees a punch-ducks under arm-slashes with Katana and ruptures a lung-stabs in back, piercing heart-spins to gain momentum-beheads*
Who's next?

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TalkedSpy12/25/15 4:19pm
*sees Scottie wielding katana at nightmares - looks back at mass arsenal of weapons*


Nah, screw it.

*opens portal to dark closet - walks out with giant purple dildo bat*


*jumps into fight using rocket boosters - RKO'S buffy rock-type nightmare*

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Scottieboy202012/25/15 6:12pm
Really? The Penetrator from Saints Row?
...It's not even stiff, it just flops around as you swing it! XD
*Triple stabs another Nightmare; makes a second, shorter Wakizashi, hacking off the arm of a third Nightmare, stabs in brain then cleaves a Sandman in half*
Although, I must admit it is hilarious.
(For the record, while I don't mind your choice in weapons, I am 16. Note the username... ScottieBOY2020. Merry Christmas, by the way.)
You even got the time wrong.
*Boosts off of its back, landing on the shoulders of a particularly large demon, snapping its neck*
It's time to get rekt for these noobs!!!
*checks how many are left (dice)*
6 5
Total: 11

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Scottieboy202012/25/15 6:13pm
How're their numbers RISING???????
...*sums up their stats in head*...(dice again)
1 6 6 4 6 6 4 2 3 3 5
Total: 46

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Scottieboy202012/25/15 6:15pm
*chucks dagger at the last Sandman (Removes the first die)*

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TalkedSpy12/25/15 6:44pm

*repeatedly baps rocky nightmare with dildo*


*nightmare grabs leg - repeatedly slams me against ground - gets thrown off cliff rag-doll style*


*disappears in foggy weather below*

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